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  • imadeadcat imadeadcat Nov 22, 2002 4:07 PM Flag

    quick take on artc

    Market cap $250 million. Lots of debt. On first blush appears a little pricey but if you subtract the "excess" cash and securities the enterprize value works out to $165 million. Figuring cash flow at $20 million+ next year ( that's value lines #) and it looks reasonable to me, you're buying in at about 8 times cash flow. Not bad for a company withreasonable growth prospects...10% + even when they stumble. I'm dabbling here..worth the risk IMHO. Doesn't look like the options packages are too screwed up but they are not pretty for the retail investor. Hope the directors will keep them under control at least until company regains some of its luster.

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    • Deadcat,

      Long time no see. I too am dabbling. In addition to the #'s you mention, I am very impressed with the stock buyback. In this market, CEOs love their cash more than EPS. If they are spending cash on stock, they've got to be very confident.

      Looking at fundamentals, there is more reason to be confident of late. The "back data" is, IMHO, spectacular. Insurance co's may go from complaining about reimbursement rates to insisting upon the procedure. Other procedures are a great bet on the aging baby boomers: TURP with radio beats TURP with roto router or hot stick anyday, and, as spokesperson for 40+ guys with no heal tennis elbow and terminal rotator cuff, I like the idea of ARTC's procedures more than the old fashioned methods (or current suffering). Also, ARTC seems to do a good job of protecting their intellectual property - -this was a big worry for me when I looked at this stock a while back.

      With only a $250 market cap, a single institutional investor could add 5 points. If I'm wrong, I'm stopped out at the $10 double bottom.

      What other co's have you bought recently?


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      • Over the last few months I have been in and out of SNWL,MONE and WITS. I bought them because they had no debt, had at one time made a profit, and were selling for less than cash on hand. Out of all of them now as they are above cash..too bad I didn't hold them longer. This past spring I bought WCOM at $3.50 based on fundamentals that weren't...and I got the crap kicked out of me. Currently I'm in AP, a little ARTC,BKS, CPN,DGICA&B, ETS, LHO,OCLR, OMG and THO. My maximum is 10 stocks at any one time. I have losses in CPN which I have owned for 11 months and OMG which I just jumped on. Of the ten, I like ETS,OMG and CPN the most which usually means look out below. ETS doesn't have financials, management has no credibility, and the company makes no money. ETS has great products and lots of cash. Good acquisition candidate. OMG looks undervalued if there is no fraud, I am looking for a bounce above $10, believe you could fix their problems, please send them your resume. CPN, you know the story of the IPPs, but I like CPN's gas asssets and long term contracts as a safety net. CPN is the other big loser in my portfolio. Too late to buy THO , the best letter to shareholders from management, huge gain ..good demographics (similar to ARTC)...aging boomers are the primary customers. DGICA or B, good local property casualty insurer, in your area I think. Stock hasn't done much in years. Most of it closely held but it sells for a 30% discount to book. Probably will have a good q4 cause everyone in your area was hiding under their beds instead of wrecking their cars when the sniper was all the news. Also, recent rate hikes will help them as does 3.8% yield, I like it a lot. AP asset play and head guy nearly 100 years old..not wild about it. lenses... another buyout potential and good growth story..negligable debt... few too many options granted, not wild about it. BKS my favorite store. Buying books on the internet sucks compared to sniffing around BKS. Strong cash flow. LHO big gain, fundamentals still iffy, best performer of hotel reits. Since 3/1/01 overall I am plus 22% versus market down 28%... must be luck since my wife and kids continually make me aware it ain't wisdom.