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  • craig1227 Mar 30, 2013 5:06 PM Flag

    Where Do We Go From Here

    Will this head higher or is it going to stay in this $10-$11.50 range for years? I like adding on the dips, but not when it keeps dipping and dipping. I mean, we have not had ANY run/bounce on this stock. I think we will eventually, the million dollar question is when?

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    • Be careful of taking advice from posters with no posting history. There is plenty of information about this company's on its web site. Also, most analysts have their price targets higher than $10 on this stock. Note that some investors are trying to make money on puts at around the $10 strike price.

      I think management may be the slight downside here. The fundamentals of the company still look pretty good. Partnerships are good but not when they take away customers and the agreement is basically financing a start up company. Hopefully, those put options are not associated with this nonsense.

    • Since owning the stock last year, I agree that the price keeps going down. I would strongly advice against buying right now. This company needs to show investors that it knows what it is doing, that the company is stable, profitable, and growing. Also, as a US investor, getting information directly from their website is quite difficult.

      Sentiment: Hold