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  • MikeEdgar MikeEdgar Oct 27, 2004 9:09 AM Flag


    This is an annoucement from Qualcomm. I heard that MACR was interested in getting Flash into the mobile phone market. I'd be interested in what implications this announcement has for MACR. Comments, anyone?

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    • This is a good sign. It means there is money to be made in this market. That's what is attracting competition.

      The advantage to MACR is that they have an established base of designers that use their technology. This is akin to developers who use Microsoft Visual Studio. Once those designers learn tools, they don't want to switch. You won't see these designers leaping to use "QUALCOMM's Launchpad(TM) suite of multimedia technologies". Why would they?

      OEMs know this, so they will be more willing to install Flash on the phones. More content will be available, which means more money from users willing to pay for that content.

      MACR is in a very good position here.