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  • inapgoeslower inapgoeslower Jan 27, 2003 11:39 AM Flag

    U guys still in INAP?

    I have made a fortune buying MIR, selling it after their 1st cc, then bought APPX after approval and blockbuster EPS preannouncement, left that to short SEBL. Made a killing in MIR n APPX, and hope to make a fortune on sebl short on this geopolitical issues (instead of spending time discussing it on an INAP board!)

    I may come back, but dont expect a killer cc so I may buy lower down if cc fails to meet expectations (after waiting for a few months for the price to settle lower)

    But if you guys get a good cc, good for all the longs! I am just too busy making $$ elsewhere to join you guys even on a good cc.

    Funny how the price is around the 50 dma still, an idicator i mentioned many times!


    P.S If the cc goes bad, dont average down AGAIN, there are opportunities elsewhere, just go find them!

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    • Inapgoeslower If you would of averaged down on INAP down to .34 like I said then you would be making a killing on INAP right now, However per your reccomendations to sell in the .40s and .30s and wait for the .10s and .20s you have probobly lost alot on INAP and now are trying to chase it back up, Best of luck to you but I doubt you have made a penny on anything. Unless some unforseen happens on the CC I suspect we will see .70 again within 10 days after the CC.

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      • Hey good luck to you, but averaging is a losers game. Bet upsome people have been averaging sice this was more than $10. Also pls check my old messages about MIR and APPX (sold APPX today to short SEBL). I have posted this stuff. I only posted these 3 trades, pls check and you will see.

        I hope u make akilling on INAP, but i have been in this game to long to average down on a stock. Because if you get lucky doing it a few times you will think that it always works, and you will get really burnt one day an also miss plenty of opportunities that arise as you carry a losing position too long.

        Hey, i have always said i am not short and i am not long, so i do wish you guys luck on cc and this goes to 70c +. I have more than doubled my money on my last two tades (APPX using leverage and MIR without, SEBL is a my new spec play). I have nothing to gain or lose from your success, and personally I rather wish people good fortune, its good karma!

        I hang around because I watch a large group of stocks and always look several months down the road for potential trades. Looking at ASIA right now, a complete loser till about $1.50-$2 range. Also looking to get back into MIR before their Feb CC under $1.60. I have the patience to wait and if I dont get a price , I just move day, new market. I will see what kind of price interest me after INAP cc, to trade now or trade months later or even longer... My experiance (which i paid the market a high price for) has though me certan disciplines that I follow (I dont average down, and dont recommend it if you want to be in the stock market for a long time)

        Good luck out there!

    • Thanks, go somewhere else, we don't need you in this board. Are you a real winner? Yeah, right!

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