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  • screenbeam screenbeam Sep 29, 1999 8:08 AM Flag

    SZA - Bargain stock

    SZA is a bargain stocks says Jay Kaplan,
    Prudential Small Company Value Fund. Kaplan looks for good
    companies at value prices, market is biased toward large
    cap. SZA -11 times earnings, consolidating milk
    industry, national footprint, announced large stock buyback
    yesterday. trading at $36, could go to $50 even without a
    takeover, but good candidate.

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    • Spermburger101 where have you been. We miss your commentary.

    • is in store for tomorrow. This is a great time to
      buy the stock. Long term, will trend substantially
      higher, eventually surpassing all time high. Among other
      things, they will get substantial boast from new soy milk
      product out early next year. Not much is known about this
      yet. Expect some very positive commentary to accompany
      to earnings news tomorrow.

    • " long swinging peccary."

      normally the peccary is native to the Southwest, namely
      Texas. One would expect to find a cross between the
      spider monkey and the wild Boar in the African

      Obviously you have discovered a subspecies
      Or maybe
      these long swinging peccaries are simply SZA management
      team on an excursion to discover milk opportunities
      with the native water buffalo. It is rumored their
      milk is high in butterfat......ever seen a skinny
      buffalo cafe.

      Breast augmentation for cows? Now
      there is a new one. It's unproductive and economically
      useless. One could probably create an IPO from it and list
      it under BT (you figure it out). People would buy it
      thinking it was for human breast augmentation until they
      read the fine print.

      I wonder if Marlin ever
      investigated oysters...He appears to be very
      articulate....almost too good.


    • Earnings Call on Thursday 11/4. Supposed to report very strong earnings. Look for at least $40 after earnings report.

    • get choked. And asses get wiped. And pussies get

      All this and more on our next episode of Wild

      Did I ever tell you about the time my parner Jim and
      I were in some dark African bush? Some of the most
      rare and unusual wildlife down there. There was a
      cross between a spider monkey and a wild boar which we
      called a long swinging peccary. You should see what
      happens when this ole fella gets angry!!! He stands up
      straight, and his head swells up and he chases you around
      the jungle until he vomits.

      Isn't nature

      I know this doctor in Tanzania that does udder
      enlargement surgury for cows. Do you think that Suiza could
      use a man with this expertise? He has a little
      company on the Tanazania stock exchange, Maybe Greg
      Engles would be interested in buying him out. I heard
      that Greg was interested in a peccary farm, and this
      seems to make as much sense as that.

      What the
      hell, it's just other people's money, right

      Next time on Wild Kingdom, the angry peccary gets
      catches up with my partner Jim. Luckily for his family
      Jim is covered by Mutual Of Omaha.

      I'm Marlon
      Perkins, and you've been watching Wild Kingdom

    • "Sheep are good to slaughter and pigs are good to

      Sheep are too wooly
      Pigs too
      Bears like too much honey
      Bulls are made into

      I prefer "professional bulls and bears."

      professional or not, the longer they play the game they all
      eventually end up as baloney or laying in front of some ones

      You can lead the worlds most ferocious bull around,
      just like a sheep, by simply putting a ring in his

      Bears are too greedy and gorge themselves too much and
      get shot from afar


    • Got a nice list of regional financials on the
      block, too. That is not for the hot boards. That is for
      the offthread.

      A former co-worker just had his
      employer purchased and the same purchaser is reported to
      be on the block.......Wells Fargo looking for

      think I'll go milk cows.....its more difficult for them
      to crap on ya and if they get difficult you can
      always send 'em to slaughter.



    • ladies first.......let us know


    • for me. I think BINC will be the perfect fit for Suiza. They need a large dairy company in the U.S. to spearhead the marketing of Tagatose with sales in the billions looming directly ahead.

    • MD Foods Ingredients welcomes you to its Tagatose
      web-site.Tagatose is a naturally occurring multi-purpose
      low-calorie bulk sweetener derived from lactose. With less
      than half the calories of sucrose and a number of
      prebiotic properties, tagatose is suitable for use in both
      food and functional food applications. It also
      functions as a taste enhancer in soft drinks, and is
      non-cariogenic.So if SZA buys the company.....they plan on using
      some of the milkthey bottle to produce Tagatose and
      use that to sweeten their products and possibly sell
      it to other bottlers???Anyone care to speculate

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