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  • stocktrader486 stocktrader486 Jun 27, 2012 5:04 PM Flag

    Earnings predictions/ Share Price run?

    just wanted to see your thoughts... if we beat I think we move to 10 pps

    but I am wondering if we will see some volume prior to cc

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    • Seems like they released Q2 on the 13th last year. Not trying to sound like Pollyanna here, but your could add $.02 or $.03 to whatever the number is because from a forward looking perspective that is the added earnings we'll see each quarter from the TARP loan we've already paid back, but didn't see the savings until July 1.

      We are currently saving money from the TARP repurchase as we speak since the savings went into effect on the 1st.

      I'm guessing GFED may provision a little more than they need because they know the comp in Q3 and Q4 will be strong and may try to provision a little lower to strengthen their comp number for this year. The TARP savings certainly won't hurt going forward to help beat year over year numbers.

    • My feeling is that the stock needs to demonstrate that they can produce at least $1+ in TTM EPS going forward, and that they are not going to slide backwards. Once this is demonstrated I believe the market will fairly value the stock with a 10-15 P/E.

      Other factors playing into this is the continued execution of the TARP exit plan and good management of non performing loans. We shall see, fwiw Yahoo has earnings release date today. I wish GFED would post their planned earnings release dates ahead of time.

    • Need at least a .25 quarter, a .30 quarter would be excellent, anything above it and ill be thrilled.

    • Probably because everyone knows that with a couple of up-side surprises this could trade well above the current levels.

      I don't think book value is out of the question, possibly this year. ($14.25)

    • I agree and have continued buying. I really do hope Q2 is .28+ or more as last yrs comp is .19

      By the way, based on the past, if I had to guess I would say we see earnings next Monday or Tuesday, with slight chance of earnings coming out EOD this Friday.

    • I don't know what we'll see for Q2, but think about this... Just imagine if you bought a bunch of stock here, even at current prices, and checked your investment 5 years from now (with reinvested dividends if applicable)

      I think you'd be pleasantly surprised at the results. Nothing is certain, but I think the results might outperform the major indexes by a wide margin (and I think the major indexes will do well in the coming years) I would feel VERY confident parking money in this stock for 5 years or more, and that gut instinct has worked out well for me in the past (my gut instinct is always based on a value based perspective and thinking things over though)

    • awaiting anxiously :)

      I'll be around for the long haul on this one, thank you for your continued valuable opinions on GFED - all

    • Ah yes they will release 8k with financial information and have the formal 10Q around Aug 13.

    • Generally they are published by the end of the second week of July or into the third week.

    • Q2 numbers I thought were around August 13?

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