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K-Swiss Inc. (KSWS) Message Board

  • pmemd pmemd Nov 8, 2011 10:05 PM Flag

    Is this a buy yet?

    Opinions please.

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    • K-Swiss management is lost.
      The company is focusing on marketing instead of shoe design.
      Years ago K-Swiss could have, and should have, put cash resources towards creating innovative product styling.
      Now cash reserves are depleting fast and management still doesn't get it. K-Swiss could have and should have put designers and line builders to work producing the Royal Elastics brand and the Palladium brand. RE the company shut down. Palladium K-Swiss never made a good effort to build. These were the brands which easily could have grown K-Swiss out of its narrow box. K-Swiss brand name doesn't lend itself to a range of footwear categories.

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      • Product is King and they are struggling with it, what is David Bond (VP of Footwear) up to?

        I would also question why they walked away from there cash cow years ago and let Nike and others take their market share from the Latino community, once it is gone it is hard to get it back. Nike's one shoe that put KSWISS in the crosshair, the Air Monarch does about as much volume as there entire brand and it has not been redesigned in 8+ years.

        Focus on great product and the rest will begin to fix its is amazing how one shoe can turn a footwear company around.

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