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K-Swiss Inc. (KSWS) Message Board

  • kashkingya kashkingya Aug 28, 2012 3:20 PM Flag

    Kids are not buying K-Swiss

    It's official. K-Swiss has completely lost their audience. Kids are not buying, tennis players are not buying, no one is buying. Three things have killed this brand and they all have to do with the horrible decisions of David Nichols. First, the brand is no longer considered a serious performance brand. Their so-called features are a joke and the quality of KS shoes is no better than Payless brands. Second, what did they expect when they decided to copy cat Skechers. Third, abysmal endorsements from third-rate celebrities.

    Look for KSWS to go sub-$2 in the coming months. Steven and George cannot keep up the facade any longer. Time for shareholders to demand new management. David Nichols must go.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell