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  • mobiletechsolutions Jan 17, 2013 10:45 PM Flag

    Wow I can't believe this ADXS is close to a possible cure / treament for cervical cancer!

    Have you ever wanted to find a hot bio stock that went under the radar at least as of right now. One who's shares are cheap enough to buy a bunch and ride the wave up? One that makes you feel good about owning like a company currently in Phase 2 trials in India that could yeild to a treatment or cure for cervical cancer which would lead to other cancer treatments using the same process? A company with enough cash to last the next three years. How about a company that just this month hired the same guy that worked for ImClone and helped it get bought out by major phara and is now VP of that bio company?

    ADXS if you do nothing else add this to your watch list if you like watching it turn green each day and run then watch it.

    Peace here's to the billions I hope you make this year alone!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy