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  • K_Swiss_This K_Swiss_This May 27, 1999 3:00 PM Flag

    I'm In

    Have been following this stock since before the
    split. Just bought in today. Good company, low float,
    great earnings, good momentum, low P/E....

    didn't I buy before the split, you ask? I haven't
    figured that out yet.

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    • The recent sales by insiders were shares awarded
      under the 1990 Stock Option Plan. Stock options
      "expire" 10 years after issuance, ie: take ownership of
      the underlying shares or loose them. Thus, you saw
      significant selling, including selling to pay taxes.
      those thinking insiders were "selling out", the 1999
      Stock Option Plan will award 600,000 shares, plus
      179,000+ shares remaining from previous option plans.
      That's 779,000 shares technically owned by management...
      not too shabby for incenting continued management
      interest in the company's growth. (Interesting to note
      that corporate share buybacks approximate insider
      sales, preventing current shareholder
      Lastly, the CEO (owning virtually all of the class B
      shares - convertable 1 for 1 into class A shares - or
      1/2 the company) has a very lucrative compensation
      plan PROVIDED earnings growth exceeds 110% of the
      previous year. Further compensation incentives exist if
      growth exceeds 135% of the previous year. Is it any
      wonder why the CFO preaches controlled "growth". His pay
      depends on it. ... the way it should be for shareholders.

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    • I bought back in too early, too. Though I'm not
      too worried as I know I'll recoup at some point. I
      may pick up more. Am watching closely to see if
      previous lows hold, if not then we may get a shot at 30.
      For all who are worried about mm's--this stock
      continues to behave according to traditional rules. Stocks
      go up or down for no apparent reason--that's why
      it's good to have some knowledge of technical analysis
      as well as fundamentals. Remember, nobody has yet
      come up with a system for predicting the market--if it
      was as simple as "all great companies will only go
      up" then we'd all be millionaires. We're caught in a
      number of negative forces unrelated to KSWS. I'll repeat
      my earlier advice--hang in there!

    • 60 days after 4/29/99 is almost here. Does this
      mean we will stop seeing huge blocks of sell shares
      hitting the market? I can't say I blame the insiders for
      exercising and selling. They've EARNED it.
      I have kept
      adding to my position on the way down from 38 1/2. I
      truly believe KSWS will have another blowout quarter
      and another surge upward to $60 by year's end. THe
      problem is predicting the bottom (duh).

    • imo, the mm's have total control here. if k-swiss
      is truly a good company and their future sales are
      as good as they seem then the mm's have probably
      covered their shorts sales and accumulated for a further
      run up. it happens all the time. the mm's and
      specialist will accumulate (by dropping the stock price and
      making the public sell) lots of stock of good companies
      before they run them up. they can control the price of
      the stock but eventually, prices will go up if the
      company keeps producing. as far as the sec is concerned
      they are full of former nyse specialist, mm's and
      former brokerage leaders.

    • and nobody can blame him for taking some profit.
      These guys have been invested in this company for a
      long long time. There have been early years where
      there was not much if any profit and the stock did not
      have any movement. I would not have looked at this
      stock sveral years ago.

      I do not think that it
      is odd that he has so few shares in hand at present
      because he has so much more laying on the table. I
      believe the vesting period will be up in around 6 months.

    • One other thing K-Swiss said was that if JFF
      drops out and cancel any further orders (which is
      doubtful), K-Swiss will still have a $105MM back-log of
      orders. Not bad. It is amazing how the majority can focus
      on a glitch and mis the over-all picture.

      asked this before but nobody answered. What role and
      how do the MM's play with a stock like this. I
      realize what a MM is, but, how or what control do they
      have to make a stock move up or down. Does the SEC
      allow them to hold a block for a certain spread and
      then sell for a profit or what? I am really curious. I
      think as quarter results near, the MM's will not want
      to play with the stock as they may be doing now.

    • <<FAQs
      WASHINGTON, DC, Jun.
      24, 1999 (States via COMTEX) -- George Edward Powlick
      of Westlake Village, CA, a Director, Vice President
      of Finance and CFO of K-Swiss Inc. (SYMBOL: KSWS),
      disposed of 49,000 class A common shares in 23
      transactions for b etween $41.75 - $47.44 each between
      03, 1999 and May 19, 1999. George Edward Powlick
      currently owns 284 class a common shares. A Form 4
      reporting the transaction was filed with the Securities and
      Exchange Commission on June.>>

      not sure how
      many options he has but its odd that a cfo only owns
      284 shares. the ceo sold shares also bewteen this
      time but way less than the cfo. not sure what this

    • As you know, K-Swiss's future sales backlog is at
      a level indicating a doubling of year ago sales.
      This backlog includes what the company refers to as
      "futures", orders placed for delivery more than 5 months
      after the order is placed and at a discount to more
      immediate orders. This allows the company to plan for a
      controlled inventory level and sales. Problems can arise if
      retailers subsequently cancel those "futures" orders, which
      they can do without penalty.
      But couple this with
      retailers saying today that K-Swiss is their best
      seller...they can't leep 'em on the shelves... etc, and you can
      dispell thoughts that the sales pipeline is softening.
      One factor all K-Swiss investors should know is that
      the company does not participate in big end-of-year
      sales. They focus on Spring and back-to-school. You can
      translate that into quarterly results so you are not

      The JFF issue... is way overblown. JFF's
      portion of KSWS sales are important, but no way critical
      to KSWS. And given KSWS "at once orders" ..the EDI
      program for restocking shelves.. FEET is not going to get
      replenished K-Swiss stock if they're not paying. The credit
      worthiness of FEET will determine how much credit KSWS
      extends to them. The recent episode of Foot Locker's
      sales were more important, as they are one of K-Swiss'
      major retailers, but their total sales has little to do
      with a "hot seller" like K-Swiss since they derive
      significantly more revenues from non K-Swiss products.
      issue all apparel companies fear is loosing sales due
      to changing consumer tastes. That's the killer in
      this industry.
      K-Swiss does not have that issue
      today. In fact, quite the contrary.
      As for those
      insiders sales, they received a package of options which
      were exercisable within 60 days after April 29th,
      priced in the $5-$10 range. So... they took their money.
      If you read the April prospectus, John Hancock
      Mutual Insurance Company also sold 132,000 shares at
      $23/share back in March.... not a swift move considering
      where the stock went after than. Note: John Hancock
      still owns more than 534,000 shares (7% of the class

      Do your KSWS investment some good. Buy a pair of
      K-Swiss shoes this weekend, from a retailer, not the
      K-Swiss Club web site. Web site sales are ok, but you
      want "retailers" knowing they have consumers out there
      who want K-Swiss product. K-Swiss web sales don't
      accomplish that.

      And finally IMO, you are being dup'd
      out of your shares if you sell at today's prices...
      MM are playing with your head, and your wallet!

    • with a friend investment buddy who talked to
      K-Swiss directly. K-Swiss is receiving regular payments
      from JFF. The situation that JFF is in is serious for
      them, but, they are a big chain and filing for Chapter
      7, 11, or 13 would not do much for their bottom
      line. JFF has money sources that they have not tapped.
      I am certain that JFF is exploring all avenues and
      will pick the direction that is best for their bottom
      line. I would anticipate that JFF will work through
      their ordeal and continue on with a revised and better
      business plan.

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