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  • bisser bisser Feb 25, 2000 12:49 PM Flag

    No volume ...

    ... even on this message board.

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    • you can't even spell "you're"

      "your an _______"

      Let's keep things civil here, please.


    • "I look at KSWS's results and am excited. But the press releases aren't that upbeat."

      your an __________

    • MO--no, this management is not playing games.

    • - as of 2/15/00, K-Swiss's short position
      increased by 40k to 682k shares

      - given ksws'
      stellar earnings, buyback, and relatively low share
      count, this short position can actually be a good

      - and iamlong, you could be right. I look at KSWS's
      results and am excited. But the press releases aren't
      that upbeat. With the buyback going on, you have to

    • If I was in the buy back position, I would like
      to see the price drop for the period of time of the
      buy back. After all: BUY LOW, SELL HIGH is not new.
      It can be easy for mgmt to allow poor sales,
      earnings, etc. Then when the buy back is about complete,
      the insiders load up. Then they become start
      aggressively selling, cutting expenses, and everything needed
      to improve margins. Stock price rises and walla,
      they all make big bucks. Sure they may endure bad
      names, lack of investor confidence, have a hard time
      re-establishing the market - but hey they make money through it
      all. I wouldn't think our mgmt would do such a thing
      would you??

      I am usually long always but there
      are exceptions.


    • Per KSWS's 10K, shows revenues from '95 to 99. As
      you'll see, in '95, revs were $120 mill; then dropped in
      '96 to $107 mill; & rose continually to '99 with $285

      - Earnings over these years ranged from $.06 to
      $2.99 on fully dilluted basis

      - My point: forget
      everything else. As long as KSWS makes $1+ this year in
      proifts; which is a pretty guarnateed thing; then the
      stock will go much huigher.

    • Look at how little overhead K-Swiss has. Remember
      how they push risk & inventory to retailers? Well
      look further at few # of employees & rent:

      December 31, 1999, the Company employed 183 persons in the
      United States,
      67 persons in Taiwan, China and
      Thailand, and 33 persons in England and

      Item 2. Properties

      In August 1998,
      the Company moved into its new headquarters facility
      Westlake Village, California. This facility, which is
      owned by the Company, is
      approximately 50,000 square
      feet. The Company occupies one-half of this
      and leases the remaining portion.

      Company leases a 309,000 square foot distribution
      facility in Mira Loma,
      California. This lease expires
      in January 2003, subject to two options, each
      which would extend the term of the lease for three
      years. Approximately
      90,000 square feet of this
      facility is subleased to a tenant through January
      The Company uses the Mira Loma facility as its main
      distribution center.
      The effective monthly commitment for
      the Mira Loma facility is approximately

    • - it's all cyclical - luckily ksws has the vast
      assets to weather any & all storms - and in the right
      industry to always come back strong

      - also, since
      ksws has no retail outlets, it's just depressed
      profits; and no real losses that we'll suffer. How many
      sub $30 stocks can you say that about; much less $11
      like we're at?