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  • ranni.malmsteen ranni.malmsteen Oct 19, 2011 9:08 AM Flag

    issue here.

    "jorge: Uh YES ( I would not waste my time posting on a board with no monetary interest) IMHO 2X or more based on future performance alone!
    A reverse split will not be nec. once CASTLE is PROFITABLE,the pps. should reflect that.CASTLE is in a nice position,in a terrific sector,with much potential and growth ahead!AS SEEKING ALPHA article states .10 cents in earnings= 1.00 dollar, appx. (imho) CASTLE would trade higher than that! Growing the co. nicely! No RS needed! "

    Why you think, there is no need for reverse split, when share is trading 0.2? In my view, ROX is not compliance with Amex listing standards. With RS, it could meet "standard 2" requirements.

    I agree that point, WHEN ROX is finally profitable, it will trade with higher multiple, but that´s not the case today. They are still burning cash $3m annually, and balance sheet is already very weak. More dilution?

    OKay, Take care!

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