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  • vegasfletch2001 vegasfletch2001 May 18, 2003 5:06 AM Flag

    Where Is The FBI

    They should be arresting these pigs for what they are doing.This whole senerio has been planned for a couple of years.

    They are not businessmen,they are crooks.To hell with all of them,and may they roast in Hell.Maybe they can get Satan to buy a few thousand shares.



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    • You might not want to believe it, but there IS a lot of evidence that there was a conspiracy with LUK and Blackstone right in the thick of it!

    • While we are on the task of providing psychological advice as astrochiefjet so eloquently described Fletch�s �issues�, we might want to take a look at another disorder. We can call this reverse paranoid personality disorder. Some of the symptoms look like this:

      � No concern with other people�s motives or motivations because they are convinced they are a supreme being
      � They feel they can exploit anyone for anything at any time with no consequences
      � They will only collaborate with people that feed their own self-esteem and grandiose vision of themselves
      � Highly overstated self-esteem. They put themselves on their own pedestal
      � Instead of being isolated socially, they always have to be in the limelight, the one in control. They usually have large groups of people surrounding them that perpetuate their grandiose vision
      � Detached from reality
      � They show hostility toward anyone that does not agree with them, or does not feed their self-esteem

      Does anyone know if someone in extreme upper management has seen someone to talk about these �issues� with a professional?


    • Sorry to hear about your losses,and the loss of your job.I have been priviledged to some pretty interesting stuff.

      Believe it or not,there is a conspiracy,scam,or whatever you want to call it.WMB,LUK,BOA,LVLT,Blackstone,and others were involved.

      Good luck to you in the future.

      RICO All The Way Baby,


    • I see a man who looked a lot like you. Having lost an A$$ load of $$$ myself, in personal stockholdings as well as my 401k holdings (since I was an employee and they matched my 401k contributions with stock)(as well as stock options they gave in lieu of bonuses), I had some of the same feelings as you. But they dissipated over time.

      When you start claiming that LUK was in on a conspiracy before the BK, that the BK judge was bought off, and that the FBI is corrupt, etc., you are showing signs of moving from a "pissed off, not gonna take it any more American", to a person who's stress level may be taking them somewhere unhealthy.

      As a third party observer of your postings, things just don't look right.

    • Not at all.What I see is a hard working,honest,pissed off,not gonna take it any more,American.

      And a victim of fraud,greed,dishonesty,a damaged retirement,not so secure future,and lies.

      What do you see when you look in the mirror?

      RICO All The Way Baby,


    • Fletch, while your posts were amusing at first, I'm beginning to think you have a problem. See if this doesn't describe the guy you see in the mirror each morning. Be honest with yourself.

      Paranoia Definition:
      Paranoid personality disorder is a psychiatric condition characterized by extreme distrust and suspicion of others.

      Causes, incidence, and risk factors:
      Personality disorders are chronic patterns of behavior that cause lasting problems with work and relationships. The cause of paranoid personality disorder is unknown, but it appears to be more common in families with psychotic disorders like schizophrenia and delusional disorder, which suggests a genetic influence.

      People with paranoid personality disorder are highly suspicious of other people.

      Other common symptoms include:
      �Concern that other people have hidden motives
      �Expect to be exploited by others
      �Inability to collaborate
      �Poor self image
      �Social isolation

    • We'll see who's crying,when LUK shoves it in you for a second time.

      RICO All The Way Baby,


    • Ok,I'll say it.The FBI is corrupt,and the bankruptcy judge was paid off.A lot of money can buy you just about anything.

      So go ahead Mr. Ashcroft,put me on your list.

      RICO All The Way Baby,


    • Bite me, crybaby!

    • WEll, I don't think they ignore white collar crime at all. How about all of you board members that are in Tulsa, ever hear of CFS, Bill Bartman, Jay Jones? That sure doesn't look like they ignore white collar crime to me.

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