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  • sfdavies sfdavies Jul 21, 2000 5:27 PM Flag



    ..maybe, maybe not. Inability to predict the
    future is the problem with all the technical methods.
    And they never predict a change in direction. Also I
    don't think double bottoms apply after a crash. (though
    my technical learnin' was eons ago). I bought some
    Jan 30 calls today for $9. Pretty amazing when Jan
    85's were 18 dollars just a few weeks ago. That is a
    pretty massive collapse. All on a word from MOT.

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    • season. and a time for every purpose.."
      REGARDLESS, of a stock's worth, you must realize that SOME
      Market Makers sold stock that they did not "have" when
      TFS was "high". Therefore this "Short" play--after
      earnings(which were pretty damn spectacular in my opinion)
      following the NEWS of MOT changing ....something...i
      believe it had something to do with the percentage of
      white breast meat in turkey sandwiches delivered to a
      certain brokerage house......ANY excuse will do- just
      fill in the blanks. Everybody underwater - Sell! You
      are embarrassing the Short side of this stock by
      having so much confidence- PLEASE SELL! The MM's won't
      raise the price until they smell "fear"(while
      covering). What I am saying, with all due respect, is don't
      rock the boat- some of us are still trying to buy a
      few shares=avg down. This is healthy for the
      stock-they all go up & down. Don't worry--buy the lows &
      stay long we've got a lot of upside left this year.
      just my 2 cents.

    • Das ist OK! Ich bein Berliner!

    • I'm still laughing -- und I zot I vas de only von
      vis dis vay of getting zee information!

      would *love* to see your numbers happen, and, if we are
      $1.40 or higher, I will buy you a dinner in your choice
      of cities in America next time I am around. When I
      said that I though that LCoS would be worth $0.10, it
      was with Uncle Murphy in the back of my head saying
      "pessimists are never disappointed," so I was shooting for
      the low side. Still, I didn't go through the
      excercise of cal_q_lating the INFS input, and if I had I
      would have ended up slightly higher.

      Anyhow --
      it's comforting to see that you also think that TFS is
      going up-up-and-away. I have a lot of eggs in this
      particular basket right now, so I'm watching

      Until zee next time, eh Gunter?

    • I spelled verstehen sie wrong.

    • Maybe a conservative daytrader needs a ludicrous
      price like $24 in order to feel like the water is safe,
      but for anyone with even a three month horizon or
      more, has to see this now as an easy double, or even
      triple, digit return.

      This spring has coiled. All
      it is going to take is one or at most a few
      announcements reassuring folks about revenue and we'll shoot
      back over 50. Would hate to miss out on that because I
      was too worried about calling the absolute

      Peace and a good w/e to all.


      • 1 Reply to numbersguy70
      • there will be a few minor shockwaves. This stock
        will take most of July and August to recover and build
        a base in the 30's before it starts to move up.
        But, it will recover and start another uptrend. Don't
        be surprised if TFS trades in the 60's and 70's
        before the end of the year. The fundamentals are to
        strong for this company to stay down for very long.

        Why would a professional advisor love this stock at
        65 and then hate it at 33. This is an opportunity to
        double up for the next run this fall.

        On the CC
        when the President was ask if TFS was gaining market
        share in the display area, he paused and then said yes
        we are. The world is going to the small display.
        Most to the new wireless technology does not work
        without displays that are better then todays. They need
        R&D and good manufacturing to get them to

        TFS is one of only a small group that is independent
        and can deliver R&D, Engineering and manufacturing.