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Dixon Ticonderoga Company (DXT) Message Board

  • caran92 caran92 Oct 18, 2001 5:44 PM Flag

    sell opportunity

    seem to be some small buyers - good opportunity for anyone who still holds some shares to get out - anyone who thinks this co is not on the brink of bk cant read a balance sheet and income statement nor a proxy statement - this co is about milked dry and whatever is left pala/joyce will get last few drops - they could conceivably keep it going indefinitely to get their 400k+ a year - but there wont be anything for the shareholders - and who wd buy this co

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    • You hit the nail on the head. Pala/Joyce will milk it till the end until it's dry. Do you think they care?

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      • I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box (a little Dixon tie-in there...), but if Gino & Co. were planning on yanking all the money they can out of this puppy, wouldn't we be seeing some insider sells?

        I mean, sure, they can pull it out in compensation, but Gino's still sitting on some 2MM shares. Isn't it in his best interest to try to structure a sale or solidify the company to raise the share price? (Or was the government right all along when they said that halucinogens would screw up my vision?)

    • Finally, someone on this message board who understands the business.

      In terms of Hallmark, they would have to get rid of the crayon business (80% to Crayola and anoter 10% to DXT makes 90%). Not very good for the other small ones. DXT competes against Crayola, but its growth will come from the other small competitors. These are all the ones who struggle to do the private label, etc.

      Who wants to take over old assets and pay top dollar since DXT knows its value to them. It is more valuable to them than to someone else. No need to modernize, but, no nee3d to pay top dollar also.

      As to refining the process, how many VP mkting have they gone through in the last years? The only constant is Gino/Rick/Rick/Len and a few others. Refining will take cashflow away from the Consumer segment which is vitally needed.

    • Be warned. An idiot has just started posting on your board. His name is pmcmurrell. Whatever he says to do, just do the opposite and you'll be fine.

      He's on the other boards recommending CVS stock. Lawsuit after lawsuit against this company, plus they can't make their numbers, and this genius is saying BUY.

    • Thanks!

      I have no reason to buy this stock. I have no financial interest. I would not follow anyone's advice from a message board.

      I still stand behind my analysis of the company. There is not much left and they are waiting for and believe that they can do something. Nobody wants to buy the whole company. Lots of people would take parts of it and pay a small price to take on other assets(liabilities) as part of the deal.

      What would I do? I wouldn't have bought in the first place! If I have, might as well hold on to. You will lose even more as the bid/ask are greatly different. The only people making money are the brokers!