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  • pmcmurrell pmcmurrell Mar 13, 2003 9:58 AM Flag

    Takeover Time: Old Gino and Simplied

    The reason a takeover did not happen before is that DXT was too complicated. The need was for disposition of the Castle Refractories Div. Further, the pencil and crayon business needed to be moved to Mexico.
    Now, it has to be shown that it is cost competitive and that it is functioning. Then DXT can rev up! Also, there was the K-Mart
    cloud (which I think was resolved).
    So, with real estate being much more valuable than book value, with clarification of the status of its businesses, with clarity on how its debts would be handled, really a takeover is not needed! But, Gino is old, and he has a love of his daughter, and I think he would perhaps be a fool to leave her financial future in the hands of Joyce.
    So, I am guessing, he is going to sell! My guess is the buyer will be a manipulative sort (in the current world economic environment). That buyer is going to buy as much stock under $2, so that his stock plus Gino's stock is 51% of the total. Then, he will make an offer to Gino at a good price, like $8. This will be done by an outside the USA buyer, and then DXT will be SUCKED DRY - but it will take a while.
    So, if that happens, the news will drive up DXT temporarily. Then SELL INTO THE RALLY and be gone - before the "stealing starts."
    Yes, it can happen, but I don't think Gino cares what happens after he sells out. I think he will let Joyce fend for himself - which will mean losing his job.
    But, maybe Gino cares for Joyce, so he will make a pact for a job for Joyce in the deal.
    Either way, don't think us DXT holders will ever get anything.
    There is a small chance of a total buyout of all stockholders at the same price. That would be best! But, in this day, manipulation by EGOMANIACS is the name of the game. Because of the Florida real estate, this might happen. It could be worth a lot.
    A buyout of all shares at the same price might be good - because it simplies things. The buyer could have the stock delisted and do everything private.

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    • I just don't get it. what K-Mart cloud? They never did any business with K-Mart, did you ever see any Dixon Products in K-Mart? Gino make a pact for Joyce? To do what? He does not know anything, ca't even be a lawyer as he claims he is, and in business? What does he know? USELESS