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  • traderpro2003 traderpro2003 Apr 22, 2005 11:55 AM Flag

    Lew takes $86M in total compensation


    I told you this story is over. Down $8 since I said sell it. Game over for COH...

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    • marvelletta
      by: wallstreet1990
      Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 03/30/05 05:41 pm
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      I told you that you were making a big mistake selling COH, super high quality and going bottom fishing with those troubled biotech company's. I hope you are not getting burned too bad. I see your ELN is down 38% in afterhours and your BIIB is down 9%. You deserve some of this with your own stupidity. I did not sell any of my COH and COH is the only stock I own. I am very happy I stuck with COH.

      - I see why you have gone mad.

    • I see you wearing your white gown in the mental hospital, screaming of " I believe in COH! " :)

    • I, for one, do not own shares of "Stryker" Corp. I do own shares of Coach.

    • I do not have any need to go to church. I have 4,000 shares of COH stock. Unlike you I believe in COH!!!

    • Most, if not all CEO salaries are decided upon by a compensation committee...and if that committee decided I was worth $86 Million, I don't think I'd turn it down either. That being said, however, Lew is WAY overpaid for what he's contributing. Let's look at Revenues, Net Income, and CEO Salary of several other companies and compare them to Lew's

      DELL - Revenues:49 Billion
      Net Income: 3 Billion
      CEO Salary: 38 Million

      GE - Revenues: 158 Billion
      Net Income: 17 Billion
      CEO Salary: 12 Million

      ExxonMobile - Revenues: 298 Billion
      Net Income: 25 Billion
      CEO Salary: 25 Million

      Coach - Revenues: 1.5 Billion
      Net Income: 325 Million (0.32 Billion)
      CEO Salary: 86 Million

      C'mon now....this company makes HANDBAGS...not exactly the things that keep this country and the world moving....Overpaid? For what he contributes to society and his shareholders...YES

      Based on the number of shares of COH, his salary, alone, took enough money from the shareholders that reduced the Net income by $0.22/share....based on a P/E of 30....he just reduced the shareholders stock by $6.78/shares.

    • Great reply to the lost soul. I'll add 'it' to my ignore list also. If no-one replies to it's worthless garbage, it'll just dry up and disappear.

    • Yeah, that's just about what I expected from a mentally challenged person such as yourself.

      " . . or that you are not no Albert Eienstien."

      Let me guess, you've lived a very difficult life of poverty somewhere in the Appalachian Mts and quit school in the 3rd grade after failing English. You married your cousin and have no friends to speak of from the outside world. Your favorite movie is Deliverance because it brings back memories of the "good ol days" when you used to chide the few tourists that passed your way.

      BTW, it's Albert Einstein and I'm very glad my wife isn't a centerfold of Penthouse magazine.

      Got to get ready for church. You're probably not familiar with that term. It's a place where Christians go to worship. You ought to try it some time if they have churches where you live.

      No need to respond with any more of your useless drivel. I've got you on Ignore. Good luck to you and I hope you find your way back.


    • You are a loser my friend. When is the last time you seen civiliation way up there in those mountains. COH is a winner you lost soul. No way it will drop the way you predict. Has your wife ever told you that you are not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, or that you are not no Albert Eienstien. Oh well, I bet your wife is not exactly the centerfold of penthouse magazine so don't feel so bad.

    • L2L - I was fortunate when the tech bubble burst. I never took advantage of the tech stocks but I wasn't harmed one penny when it blew up.

      As always, good luck to you my friend.

    • NM,
      It was the MAY $22.50 options that I used to base my $22.45 target price.

      I won't embarass myself by stating how much I lost when the tech bubble burst during 2000 - 2001. But, I'm not going to let that happen again. Rather sit on the sidelines for awhile and let the market settle out. If I miss a few bucks in the process, so be it.

      Good luck to both you guys,


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