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  • Thank you for telling me. I want to help many people as I can in my remaining active time remaing. I want to share my experience of about 50 years in stock market. I have not work in 13 yrs..except for managing investments. If you like my approach toward aggressively trade , look into GLW.. My original purchase was about 3 years ago at 3.55 ? - about 4.25 ,I added again at 17.77 before ER last week. I was impressed at CC forecast for next Qtrs. So again I added today at fast pullback from 20.20 this morning.
    This won't be like BLUD but you will be very happy by Dec.-Jan period. GLW is much calmer steady climber. expecting 30 next spring.
    BLUD is real good holding for 5year plus if stay independent but very unlikely ...JNJ will buy them out in 1-2 year ..They can not stand competition when BLUD releases smaller machines that compete directly with JNJ blood analyzer machines.. JNJ machines can not compete with BLUD Gallelio machine.. I believe Olympus Tango machine that can compete with BLUD Gallelio but test market reports indicates poor customer acceptance. I believe Mayo Clinic decision is based on Gallelio superior performance and BLUD service team. Based on my professional medical back ground with Pfizer, I believe Olympus is mainly imported product and not forcused medical instrumentation mfg. many customers are probably not impress unless the machine can show greater superiority over Gallelio. Immucor unit is perfect answer to lowing healthcare cost.. Gallelio payback is 18 month at current labor rates ;that is great solution to hospital management for cost contaiment effort. This stock hidden jewel. People are affraid of PE but that is traded for guaranteed growth. 100% growth projected by group of analysts compiled by Zacks..Other good investment vehicle with built in growth is QCOM..World can not live without wireless devices.. again almost guaranted growth.. I pick stocks with hardly any competitive substition. That is one of major selection idea " must be dominate play" strong patent /technology holder.
    GLW leads world in flat glass technology for TV,monitor, display, etc price of end products are dropping but not flat glass supplies. GLW control about 50 industrial applications in work...desiel filters for auto/truck.. whole movement for cleaner air. Many countries have new regulation already passed requireing filters.

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    • Just curious, do you know anything about HCSG?

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      • HCSG is interesting co that service basically nursing home type environment with cleaning and meal. It's contractor of these services to nursing /retirement homes.. It's in growth area but only due to baby boomers aging and any growth in outsoursing these works.. I have my mother in nursing home for 3 years but facility has its own cleaning and meal making services to cut down or keep cost down..mgmt have no plan for subing out, they feel this is part of uniqueness to the facility...Service is top quality and this was reason for placing my mother at this nursing home. Therefore , to me it's not very exciting growth's OK but less then COH.

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