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  • bonkenx bonkenx Aug 16, 2005 3:36 PM Flag

    Answer to Many Complaints - COH Mssg

    First; I will tell you that many smart investors have taken nice gains around Late July that I flashed warning sign that COH share at near 37 is pretty much discounted all good news and expectation was for perfect, blow out forecast going forward. Normally Mgmt will not go beyond conservative estimate since no gain for them and over forecast just invite legal problems. Many people held back from buying COH doing foolish buying frenzee. I hope I have save some people from loosing precious savings.

    NOw ; If you don't like my opinion,or suspicious of facts, you don't have to read and use. Some people gained from free service.. I am writing just to help people that may gain some insight to COH and market condition. I have nearly 50 years experience and manage 8 accounts each over million dollar in size in various assets .. I work from 5:30 AM to sometime 11PM... I hope this give you some idea that I do this just to relax and have fun from more serious tasks....

    I will give you one source that EVERYONE can get to that tell about Insiders selling and Institution selling... Go hit MSN-Money and open COH look under OWNERSHIP.

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    • brokenx, I manage exactly one account....mine and its worth between $5M - $10M un-leveraged. COH has been an outstanding long term investment which has produced excellant returns for shareholders. Management has consistently raised forward guidance. Inventory turns are strong, Europe is openning up, while the product lineup changes regularly keeping it fresh and in high demand. I've personally done spot checks in COH boutiques in Japan and witnessed their bags flying off the shelves. Japanese consumers aren't buying one bag they're buying two and sometimes three. COH's service is outstanding and becoming even personalized. I don't see much downside to the stock and I can't find a compelling reason to sell. Assuming some investors bought COH for a $1 or $2 on the high side the likelihood that COH will outperform the broader market is still high so the pragmatic thing to do is sit tight and hold the stock. COH Management has a solid track record of delivering results that meet and or exceed the street's expectations. Just because you manage a few accounts doesn't give you any particular insight into COH or make you a successful manager. Let's face it..Yahoo message boards are horrible place to look for investment advice no matter who it comes from. GL to you.

    • You schmuck. I can not believe you are fooling some people, you certainly don't fool me. You manage millions of dollars and have 50 years experience so you started at the age of 13, O.K.

    • OK now what?
      08/19/2005 220,000 COH Proposed Sale (Form 144)

      08/11/2005 132,000 COH Open Market Sale
      proceeds of $4,580,840.00

      08/08/2005 160,000 COH Exercise of Stock Options
      at cost of $5,476,800.00

      02/07/2005 104,000 COH Open Market Sale
      proceeds of $5,796,440.00

      02/01/2005 260,000 COH Proposed Sale (Form 144)

      01/03/2005 115,969 COH Exercise of Stock Options
      at cost of $6,389,891.90

      12/27/2004 840,018 COH Exercise of Stock Options
      at cost of $37,684,512.34

      12/23/2004 908,633 COH Exercise of Stock Options
      at cost of $39,418,518.92

      12/23/2004 908,633 COH Exercise of Stock Options
      at cost of $39,418,518.92

      12/22/2004 349,571 COH Exercise of Stock Options
      at cost of $6,568,089.95

    • Go crawl back under the rock you live under you dumb old 63 year old fuck.

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