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  • DayTradingVal DayTradingVal Sep 29, 2005 9:35 AM Flag

    Fall line looks great

    The new styles for fall and holiday look great. The affluent consumer will buy.

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    • Vermontbanks; Sorry that I do not know much about XWG and Ford. My investment theory is to invest only in world leaders of growing industries where need is very clear for better life. neither of F or XWG fit this screening so I have not paid much attention to give you comment. But I can say Ford is in not clear cut positive industry to begin with and too many cars , selections are not in tune with demand. XWG is only minor player in wireless.. why get involved in minor league players.
      About 8 month ago ,I broke my own theory and bought COH shares and now paying damages. COH is good co but not only handbag maker, my wife selections are 10 % COH but other 90 % are others Prada,LV, Gucci,Ferragamo,Dior, and Chanel... So my point is too many competive selections. Not like QCOM where there is no 3G alternative. Same with other my favorites like GLW or BLUDE.. GLW has 65% of world flat panel glass and BLUDE has 100% of high output blood screening machine ( over 110 tests per hour rate, even JNJ can not match this performance. These are reasons all three carries high valuation but they all have reason for investors to own not to sell.

    • are rapidly deteriorating.

      see you guys after the "Depression"

    • Bonk, I noticed we don't hear so much from you the beginning of the month after your welfare check comes in. You must pass out after drinking a case of beer.

    • Since you are into wireless and most likely cell phones. What is your take on FORD and XWG?

    • QCOM is only company in world with CDMA technology, patented . they have next generation 3G and next generation to that all locked out. t's not ( NOT ) nice to have bag makers. This wireless revolution will go on regardless of economic condition or natural disasters. You are comparing totally different business model. Study how market valuation are determined. Sorry it's too long to explain here. QCOM has practically all world wireless business of modern world countries.

    • I think BONK and MICK are roomates that sleep together talk shit and pack shit with each other.

    • you keep talking about how COH valuation is out of wack but yet you own qcom with a valuation which is outlandish > 4.8 bil sales with a 73.3 bil market cap <

    • I put Wallstreet on Ignore long ago, maybe most others here should also. Save us reading the replies to that loser. Mick I can listen to.

    • Wallstreet; you are totally lost case. I believe Mick is real person with great accomplishments . Man with MBA from Yale knows that Calif Housing bubble is ready to burst. I also sold 9 rental houses so far this year and not so bullish on COH and all retail stock. Today UCLA Anderson's school of business announced Calif. housings are 40-45 % over value. There is similarity to past COH performance that took this stock to excessive evaluation like Calif. housing. Mick is smart business man ..telling the true facts that you guys in Clearwater can not believe our Calif.. life. Stop bashing everybody with foul language ..we don't appreciate your redneck behaviour.

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