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  • bonkenx bonkenx Jan 24, 2006 10:55 AM Flag

    LUCKING on COH Thanks

    Luck: I decided to reconsidered from selling COH this morning after reading your message. Your comments about my view toward COH design and average Americans customers taste gave me reason to reconsider to hold. This game is profit ,profit and profit;long as COH makes money stock is keeper even I do not like COH design. Thanks for writing to me late last night. Bonk

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    • Bonk,
      Exactly right! As long as there is no competition on the horizon (which there isn't) and they continue to provide their customer with the product they are looking for at the right price, (which they are), then this stock is a hold for me.
      (I only say hold because I own too much to even consider buying more, that says nothing about my opinion whether others should buy into this stock or not.)

      Their products don't suit my personal taste, I prefer higher end designer styles, more refined. I'm glad they don't design into my aesthetic, cause that would be the wrong direction for their customer, the average 'aspirational' American woman. And there certainly are a lot of those, hurray for us shareholders!

      In Japan, it's true, there are very many wealthy & high fashion customers always looking for the next cool brand, and maybe for them Coach will begin to wane over the next few seasons.....but remember, even in Japan, there is the next tier of customer, and plenty of them. I think there is still tremendous amount of growth left in Japan....and I can't even imagine how fantastic the sales can be once they start seriously rolling out into other Asian countries...


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      • CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION - is a term introduced by the American economist Thorstein Veblen, in The Theory of the Leisure Class (1899). The term is used to describe the consumption of expensive goods, commodities and services for the sake of displaying social status and wealth. The term is generally reserved for those forms of consumption that are motivated by societal factors and is not used to describe impulsive behaviours associated with personality disorders, such as binge eating or compulsive spending.

    • That's not entirely true. This stock swings like a penny stock. It's an excellent day trading stock. Do you honestly think the 5MM shares traded so far today are buy and hold?

      Anything that moves like this is an excellent source for day trading.

    • I do not day trade every single day. Few hours long or short only on time when volatility is very high. I do not deal with penny stocks. My vehicle is only with growth stock of very high reputation. Such as QCOM <MRVL, AAPL GOOG, GLW,ISRG,NDAQ,HANS,

    • People listen to you they would get a case of whiplash .

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