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  • atlantica101 atlantica101 Aug 28, 2007 1:17 PM Flag

    will we see 44 again?

    I thought coh was strong, I know over the summer this stock takes a beating but if it doesn't close over 43, we could see a new downtrend trading range of 39 to 42. I felt as if I was the last person to buy at the peak. any insights? and yes I'm on margin.

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    • I bought Coach at 38 and sold at 50. The reason I sold was because the day I got the Spring Catalog (this past March) I really didn't like anything in it. In fact, it was a total snoozer. I am an avid fan of Coach (and a HUGE customer), but again, this summer and now the fall, major boring stuff in store. I predict stock to continue to drop to 38-ish unless they can get some cool stuff in. If women don't buy handbags, the stock goes no where. Just my thoughts. Good luck.

    • You will be just fine with COH, it is a great long term hold. Word to the wise, do not buy on margin, very dangerous. At least if your stock goes down, it is not costing you to wait it out. Good luck to all longs!

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      • oh crap! the odd lot said I'll do fine, which means the opposite.

        Oh buying on margin is dangerous??!?!?! duhhhhhh, the more risk the more return. If you're confident about a trade you have nothing to worry about. I got out of this long position and now I'm on the short side, and we'll keep on selling and selling and selling. I want to see down ticks!!!!!!!

      • I mirror your sentiment. COH will recover eventually. It is only going down because the market is going down. It has nothing to do with the fundamentals. The Fed will continue to monitor the economy and act. Plus, I don't use margins. I took it off of my account. Short term, you never know what can happen to a stock price. I've read about too many investors losing everything in a market sell-off by using margins excessively.

    • Appears COH selling is still continuing heavy. looks like going below $40

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