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  • leslie10530 leslie10530 Oct 29, 2007 6:35 PM Flag


    Did anyone see Cramer tonight? He totally went off on COH, totally disgusting. He was way out of line with his comments, you would think they were going out of business. He definitley will not shake me out of COH, I believe in the company and the product. Good luck to all longs!

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    • Yup, two new videos with Kristen Benz attacking Coach. Of course she loved Coach at 45. Somebody at TheStreet has an agenda.

    • I agree with you. I love the products and i have confidence this stock will go back up. The price for their products are expensive but not nearly as expensive compared to LV, Burberry, etc. Especially with the holidays ppl will still buy gifts and they have large selection of accessories as well. Cramer does not know what he is talking about. Plus isnt coach opening stores internationally?

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      • Cramer is a shill...he actually raised concern that Coach products were going out of style...since when did he become a fashion expert...or better yet, what fashion expert did he consult? NONE. That kind of gut investing is very dangerous....COH is excellently managed and there is absolutely no reason to think that the next 5 years will be anything short of prosperous...personally, I think COH is set to beat expectations next quarter...thanks Cramer.

    • I like when Cramer manipulates (people to sell) a stock.

      After all, 'no one has ever gone broke underestimating the stupidity of the American public.'

      Keep pulling it down Jim!!! I'll just BUY BUY BUY on your "SELL SELL SELL"

    • Don't forget "girl" will buy purse and clothing, before paying that subprime mortgage because they will get a (modification from Countrywide.)

    • What a piece of crap he is, COH warned by 2 stinking cents and beat on the previous quarter and you would think they were going out of business. They said traffic was down but they are converting more of that traffic to sales. I think this was because of the weather and they were just being prudent. It finally turned colder here in the Northeast last weekend and you would have thought it was Christmas at the mall. Does the ass realize that both JWN and RL warned last quarter? Does he realize COH trades at .88x growth while the other two trade around 1.18x growth?

    • support you Coach BAGholding habit!

      Recessions teach hard lessons to overpriced hype worthless retail peddlers.

    • <shrug> The guy's an entertainer, so you have to take what he says with a grain of salt. Personally, I get a kick out of his OTT antics. I LOL'd when he rummaging through the coach bag and found a load of ice in there (his theme was about cold weather stimulating consumer demand for clothing purchases -- hence his bullish stance on Ralph Lauren and Nordstrom) and then mugged "surprise" for the camera and tossed the purse into the corner.

      Like I said, he's all about entertainment, and for folks like me with a twisted, antic sense of humor, he delivers. I don't watch The Daily Show for my news, and I don't watch Cramer for investment advice.

      When I need advice, I have my guy Ariel at UBS. I'd take Ariel's advice over Cramer's any day. Ariel's made me money, while Cramer's only made me laugh. You gotta do you homework folks (or retain someone who will do it for you); don't rely solely on some guy on the boob tube when making decisions on stocks to buy. Anyone who does that gets what he, she, or it deserves.

      The beauty of the markets is that you know if you're right or wrong pretty quickly. If Cramer screws the pooch horribly and consistently, the truth squads will out him with a vengeance and he'll be off the air, no matter how entertaining he is. Meanwhile, I'll continue to tune in to Mad Money whenever I can to get some good guffaws.

      Also, folks, try not to take Cramer's hijinks so much to heart. Some of your incensed comments made it sound like Cramer insulted your mother or something. COH and other publicly-traded company's can take a little ribbing. They don't need to be protected from ridicule -- they're big boys, and if their management is doing their job right, the numbers will speak for themselves and redeem them while simultaneously damaging their critics. As my mother used to say, "success is the best revenge!"

      BTW, I myself am long on COH with a small (relative to the rest of the portfolio) 400-share position, which my man Ariel recommended.

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      • He's an insult to my mother and his mother. A fool and his money are soon parted. A fool that takes a fools's advise has his money lost sooner.

        He's a pure speculator that has an opinion about every stock. His idea of investing is to short what is going down in price and buy what is going up in price. And hope that he is right. He hasn't a clue about fundamentals. When he thinks that Nordstrom's sales will increase with cold weather while COH's sales will languish indicates to me that he is just a complete loud bafoon (defined as: A cross between a baboon and a babbling idiot.). Women will use the same purse as they had before with that new outfit? Get a life Crammer or a wife. Women will change their handbag with the season and new clothes that they buy. If they buy apparel, they will buy handbags to fit that apparel. And I might add, new shoes too.

      • Who's Arial? and does he come on TV? thanks

    • I hate Cramer with a passion. I hope he rots in hell. I got burned when he recommended BRLC right before earnings. Since then it's down over 45%. I am still stuck in that position because of him. Luckily it was a very small position. Now he's trying to do the same with COH. He's a f'in manipulator. He should go to jail. I can't wait to see a class action lawsuit against him.

    • Yeh 2 weeks ago he was saying how wonderful the company was. Guess depends on if hes short or long.. :-)

    • It was disgusting!!! He poured a can of soda into one of their bags and tossed it to the side.I don't currently own any shares and I was offended.When will people realize that this guy is mentally disturbed and if it wasn't for a cadre of analysts and journalists who feed him info, he would still be sleeping in his car.

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      • Although he is a little nutty, he does give awesome recommendations.

        Recently, GOOG, when he recommended it, it was at 630. 700 Today.

        ISRG, when he recommended it, 300, now 330 range.

        Both 10% gains in a week!

        However, I DO LIKE COH A LOT.

        Hang tight, but enough Cramer bashing! LOL

        Good luck folks, I see COH at 50 again soon enough.

        Why? Well, with the fake economy gone (using house as ATM) one will still overspend and charge 500 on a credit card to buy a Coach bag as a status symbol.

        LV is for the japanese tourists, Burberry <--SP, is just too expensive. I think Coach will always do well because they are the less expensive of the "status bags" for The OC hoes who can't pay their rent and can't afford put gas in the 80-month leased BMWs, but they do have a Coach bag! HA HA HA

        Happy Investing Folks!

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