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  • schneckden schneckden Oct 19, 2010 1:21 PM Flag

    how long can COH keep this charade going ?

    now that they've marginalized the dept stores and taken sales "in house" to capture a little extra margin ????? This works til it doesn't work. How much of COH's cash balance is parked over in asia. Something is causing long term liabs to swell to 400mn over the past few years. a)deferred rents b) tax liabs from its asia biz or c)accruing for COH mgmt golden parachutes who are only playing the short term results driven numbers game coupled with absurd stock buybacks at lofty prices. COH is going to have some tuf sledding over the next year or two largely as a result of bush tax cuts expiring on the top 2%. I'm short this dog at 44.20. if they blow out numbers b/c of a weak dollar, i'll short more.

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    • You auditors know so much about each company that you short. How is that you're so wrong today? Why did the stock jump at the end? You'll be covering or shorting more tomorrow. Either way, the price will rocket! See you at $65-70 in two weeks.

    • Is this the best that you can do to persuade longs to sell? You know nothing about the company. Listen to the CEO about the company's strategy and balance sheet. You know nothing. But, if you do, then keep shorting to boost the price. You're going to lose. But, that's what self-proclaimed auditors like you do. Look at what happened to MCP and REE since another self-proclaimed auditor at Seeking Alpha tried to deride rare earth elements. See you at $65 in two weeks.

    • I am sure glad the consumer is dead. If they get any deader then I will have a triple on my hands

    • schneckden, very bad reasons to short a stock. It wasn't overpriced at 44.20 and it may not be overpriced at 50.

    • Still shorting! Better to cover before you run naked in the streets.

    • shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

    • COH is definitely no charade, it has been in business for over 60 years. I am a believer in COH and have done very well both holding and trading this stock and love their products. Good luck to all longs!

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      • the stock is at a 52 week high. of course you're a believer. and you have a bull mkt ceo who buys back the stock at absurd prices. who's left holding the bag (no pun intended) when dept stores regain traffic with exciting new designers like alex wang and coach can no longer sell the same old crap. this ceo even thinks he's a a good judge of manhattan real estate buying the corp hdqtrs and telling investors its a good time to get long 200mn of real estate just as manhattanites like myself in the top tax bracket like myself are about to have another 5-10% of our income going to el governmento. face it, he bot the headquarters b/c he wants to be close to the westside helipads so he can scoot out to the hamptons in a jiffy. hell, he probably uses a company helicopter to do it and justifies it by the 10b of value he's created in coh. plz ramp up this stock after earnings so i can short more.

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