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  • dvstro23 dvstro23 Feb 16, 2013 10:53 AM Flag

    Why COH is Going Higher

    1. Technicals show an extremely oversold conditions (-2.1 on MACD) and 31.43 on RSI basis. All my technical indicators are showing strong buy signals. It's trading at 2 year lows and MMs are just salivating over this stock. When a stock stops going down, it's going much higher. The opposite is also true: if a stock is trading at 52 week highs and it stops going up, it's going down.
    2. Stock is acting just like DECK at $28. I called the bottom on DECK and started buying at $30. Notice the sharp drop yesterday from 48.6 to 48.1 on almost no volume. That' MMs trying to drive down the price and create retail panic as they're loading up. You'll see a spike up in price very shortly just like it happened in DECK.
    3. In this space, you need to buy a company with established brand name trading at huge discounts. That's why I bought DECK. Or take a look at TIF when they pre-warned 1+ month ago. They dropped big and look at where it's trading at.
    4. Yes, KORS is doing better relatively to COH right now in the U.S., but COH will come out with brand new designs, hire new talented designers, make changes in its products in the future, etc. If COH makes products that is equal to KORS, all consumers will buy COH because of the brand name. At that point, KORS will become just a flash in a pan.
    5. Internationally, COH is doing great - in China, it grow 30%, and China will be a huge growth market going forward. If domestic comes back, this will be trading at $70+ like before.
    6. All the bad stats that the shorts cite are all reflected in the stock price. The real question is how the company will do going forward. It was $60+ the day before earnings, now it's $48+. I'd rather buy at $48 and sell at $60, instead of buying at $60 and selling at $48.
    7. Trying to buy COH when there is preliminary evidence of improvement in its business is too late - by then, the stock will be at $60.
    8. I started buying GRPN at $2.63. If you don't believe me, check out my real-time post on GRPN board on 11/14.

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