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  • schneckden schneckden Oct 10, 2013 7:48 PM Flag

    when do COH shareholders tire of being screwed by management ???

    This company has spent over $3 BILLION in stock buybacks over the past several years and share count has not gone down accordingly. How can share count go down when the company has 12mn stock options outstanding??? This company awarded employees (read Lew Frankfort - property taxes are high in sagaponack) 3mn shares in FY2013 as they (read lew and his cronies) exercised options on 2.6mn shares in fy 2013. fy2012 was even better with the banditos (COH mgmt team) awarded themselves 2.2mn shares just as they exercised nearly 6mn shares (COH only has averaged 300mn shares over the past few years).

    This management team has rewarded themselves oh so handsomely and this egomaniac CEO gets on with Maria Bartiromo and she is too stupid to ask the tough questions. Shareholders will never come out ahead when they mindlessly trust people like COH management who award themselves 1% of the company every year in stock options. These stock option strike prices aren't raised every year to adjust for WACC.

    Furthermore, these service based RSU's and performance based RSU's continue to expand and we know who benefits from these right LOU ????? These crooks have awarded themselves 3.5mn RSU's over the past two years. so this is in addition to a salary, stock options, and a helicopter for all i know ?!?! LOU - WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH ALL READY? Stealing 2% a year of the company every year isn't enough ????

    There are real cracks in the COH dynasty. For one, they have aggressively expanded store count yet earnings are keeping pace. And the company can't be loving the weak Japanese Yen.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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