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  • mtrushless mtrushless May 24, 2011 10:55 AM Flag

    Yes, something IS wrong

    I would say it's this stock that something is wrong with.

    I know very little about the world, so you pumpers know way more than me...however, I would guess that the reason ecpn owns 100% of their mines is so they don't have to share their crappy information about how crappy their mines are with their partners. With partners they would be in collusion on how bad things really are. As it stands they only have to hide their poor performance from their shareholders.

    Secondly, I don't know how many of you go out to other message boards, but it is solely on the lack of information I see on this board and others that proved to me I must get out of this crap stock, and fast. Seriously, there is no true substance - you know, facts, about why this thing should go so many comments profess, I only see "just dreams" about where this stock is going. All this talk about "Management is going to release some good PR" like that's the end all be all. This thing is going down and down. I would short it if I could but I can't, and in good conscience I feel compelled to strongly recommend getting out while you can. No, you don't have to sell and you can keep holding on to those "dreams", but what information is out there that would keep you in it? I saw on another post, there are plenty of other mines that would be a good target for a buyout before ecpn, and I'm wondering what information anyone has that makes them truly think this is even a solid buyout target.

    Other than getting bought out, that is the ONLY thing this stock has going for itself. And even if it does get bought out, I don't think the shareholders are the ones that will be the greatest benefactors.

    That's my take. Get out while you can...this slide is going to keep sliding.

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    • The only problem with your assessment mtrushless is that many here KNOW what is going on, they can't openly spout off on public boards but they do know. You are just some guy who bought shares expecting them to double, that's fine but it's not what most of us are here for.

      Glad you sold so you feel secure, but don't try and sell others on a stupid bill of sale when admittedly you know nothing.

      The 10q stated assays will be done by the end of the second quarter (June 30th), that's not a prediction, it's a statement. And then it goes to an investment banker.

      I spent enough time at less than 10 cents to not worry about where it's at now. But if it goes to $3.00 I'm still not selling so why worry about the stock price, PRs or anything else? Especially when shareholders will be meeting with management in 10 days.

      Azcdn and Fistfufufufu are the same person, Dale, he's a stock promoter and gets paid to pump or bash. Listen to idiots like him and get what you deserve.

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      • Why did someone delete my original post that discussed why this thing does stink so much? Is it not worthy of discussion (even though plenty of people have since commented)? Further proof that some people must not want to discuss facts or even open the door to a discussion.

        This has turned into a pumpers board of dreams rather than a discussion of facts and considering others' points of view.

        Like I said, this slide will continue to slide. Most people won't be comfortable with that fact, as I'm sure they weren't so lucky to buy in at .10.


    • Everyone will get what they visualize... all the downers are selling and getting what they want... all the dreamers will get what they want... buying an island, money to do good for humanity, etc.

      Keep positive, keep your stock and enjoy your dreams.

    • tt, doing things right is taking 10 years to prove if there are PMs or not?

    • ista if i thought this was a scam i wouldn't be involed... they could pump this stock if they wanted to they choose not to...thats why its taking time to get any sort of pr...they want things done right in my opinion....but hey everybody has the right to buy or sell i choose to buy and believe!!!!

    • hetricks another ECPN basher/SFEG pumper....must be loserwalter?

    • you seem to have a clue... is that why you bash it so much to buy more...thought so!!!!

    • lol...

    • tt, scams have a limited shelf life, they can't keep doing the same thing over and over

    • They are coming out in larger numbers. New bashers. By the way this statement is lame. "Other than getting bought out, that is the ONLY thing this stock has going for itself. And even if it does get bought out, I don't think the shareholders are the ones that will be the greatest benefactors." Stockholders are the owner and true benefactors. What an idiot. Don't comment anymore mtrushless. You're making yourself look stupid.

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      • Whatever you say easy_going...I won't comment anymore. I'm sorry for putting my views out there on a message board.

        I will say, though, enjoy the ride; and just like you and the rest of the people here I absolutely can't wait for those big numbers to come in and an unbelievable PR statement that pushes this thing to the moon. Those are literally "just dreams".

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