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  • hotwirediq hotwirediq Jun 21, 2007 5:42 PM Flag

    Lights are on...but NO-ONE's Home

    Recently had a hopital group approach our company regarding their catheters..(we're a medical products disribution company)..three calls to the regional guy Eric.(in three days)..still no call back..finally called corp on how do you get ahold YOUR rep...finally calls us back.(72 hours later!!!!)...let us send you some some samples and "we'll" get back to you....That was a week ago and still no samples and no sales rep.....Sad..the premise behind their research and products is sound...but these folks couldn't give away dollar bills at a shopping we're not talking about one or two catheters but a 12 chain hospital group.

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    • I don't believe you. I got information via the UPS man the next day, I have to believe an order would have at least the same service.

      Personally, I think your lights aren't on!

    • Hey, hotwire, are you one of these short sellers looking to cover?EOM
      W A Calahan

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      • Not short..but I would like to be I said these folks have sound products such as their RELEASE-NF catheter which is far superior than baxter's "silver coated" products....but in this business if you don't have a distribution network / model...your screwed.....what's even more @#%$&* is we had the competion pricing and gave it rep.....we're still waiting....for the call back!!!!!!

    • Xcellant,
      makes me want to get out of my hspital bed and go take a leak with faucet in hand.
      I agree with you 100%. I listened to the last; Q1 CC and especially to their Business Development Executive. It was like they had to wake him up when the analysts asked about sales, here and UK..... Bottom line; 'crossover' (by nature)
      "Right Brain" people and "Left Brain" people have a difficult time trying to 'maryup' and often have differing VALUE SYSTEMS.
      Those guys should think about how to take care of more beer drinkers and let the Business Development Director visit the hospitals and pubs? I'm with you!!! We're waiting?

    • Are you talking about ROCM sales man and service?
      If this is true, ROCM needs serious considerarion for sales person and support of your area.