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  • moneyneversleeps601 moneyneversleeps601 Oct 25, 2013 6:37 AM Flag

    If NQ can thoroughly prove its innocence, I am going after Block and his whole rat pack. Who's with me?

    That would 100% be stock manipulation if he is wrong and did this to destroy a good company. I have a lot of doubts about him being right on this one, simply because of the timing of this attack and how built up the short interest was prior to its brainer that this was planned. If it was legitimate, why not have released the report long ago when the company wasn't on a tear and was still unknown? Oh wait...because theres no money to be made on a company no ones invested in yet.

    I am not taking sides yet but I am pre-emptively saying I plan to take action against Block and his crew and I'd like to see a strong, united backing of shareholders do the same. No way this lying POS is going to get away with this if he did it purely for financial gain.

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    • I agree he should be :
      1) sued and
      2) should be imprison

      I am 100% certain he lied and has flock of lawyers making fallacious legal suits to be with draw quietly later. they too mus be sued for 100's millions( needs to hurt)

      Would Samsung do a deal with NQ if it was not bone fide ... never, they are like aapl.

      Also regulators in China would be onto this one like a ton of bricks and their punishment is very harsh.......

      and NQ has been making supberb earns for years now.... they have the cash... where did the cash come from... a bank robbery?????

      No MW has lied.
      MW has stolen
      and now its time to pay

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