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  • funcute_smile funcute_smile Oct 25, 2013 9:19 PM Flag

    Carson claims he missed the last part of the CC cause it started late. But he's in SF!!

    In the bloomberg interview, he's in San Francisco today which means if the CC started at 5:30 am in SF. How can he say he missed the last 5 minutes cause it started late????? Unless he flew from China to SF within 12 hours. Weird

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    • Pretty much listening to him is to watch a fraud. I guess apparently it pays though, although really it seems like it should be criminal. That would require the SEC actually looking out for the little guy.

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      • lots of anger here--maybe judgment clouded by losses ? MW is usually right about China stocks--they look at the tax records --if they see co is telling govt one thing and investors another they then look for the fraud--Block lived in China 14 years so he knows where, what to do--best to go sidelines and wait for clarity--his China attacks usually drop a stock 77%--if auditor resigns a big drop ensues and they may in order to avoid trouble--if Citron joins attack that will hurt as well--beware that MW usually hold back some damaging facts and hits in a rebuttal to the compnays initial response--too much risk here, except for day traders

    • he said he talked to ir, cfo? but the company says no contacts from them?? strange??

    • Carlson Block is lying to us all, dont you get it? He shorted at least 30% of NQ stock and the comes up with a barrage of outrages wired claims for so called "research" done by his "mud water" company, firing at the hip, .... send tweets like saying "BS" to NQ and he misses part of the CC....

      Its clear he was using disinformation fast that could not be checked with in 24 hours, and making money off us by creating panic

      in fact 4 MAJOR BIG analysts came out against MW claims: even oppenheim said they wer making NQ MARKET PERFORM..... because of all the confusion, and not "zero" !, the other 3 analysts upgraded NQ to 29-33$
      seeking alpha now say NQ to $64..... why would they say this when Carlson Block speaks out, unless they ALL regard Carlson Block as the snake oil spokesman / fraud of the market!

      They don't trust Carlson BLOCK , why should we?

    • Did anyone watch the interview of him by Fox Business? Then you can make your own conclusion if this man is some one you can trust, or his research report is the one you can rely on. Does anyone know why this guy doing this really ? Raising a red flag and save the investors? Let me think again...
      Time will tell, time will prove who is the real fraud eventually. Fire proves gold. Let's wait and see.

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