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  • wiszad wiszad Nov 2, 2013 3:49 PM Flag

    Watch the video and look at the Body Language .....????

    Omar Kahn is lying....I sent the video to my father who has 30+ years in the field of Kinetics(Body language) He told me that the constant blinking is complete confirmation that he is lying. He also confirmed that he stumbles and blinks way to often and is guilty of lying to the 9th degree. I was CONSIDERING to go Long ,but will SHORT everything I can on MONDAYS Open. Sorry to be the bearer of such bad news, but my dad has nothing to gain by telling me what he has interpreted. Go do some of your own dd on body language and then you will see for yourself. Be careful and good luck to all

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    • Please, I won't bet my hard ern money on theoretical observation, instead busness facts and figures.

    • Hate to break it to you, but your dad is obviously not familiar with the research in the area. Lying causes you to blink LESS (BTW, did Block blink at all during his interview?). Look it up yourself if you don't believe me:

      A 2010 study by researchers at Portsmouth University measured the eye blinks of 26 participants in a controlled environment. The study concluded that those who were lying displayed fewer eye blinks when being deceptive compared with when they were answering questions honestly. Those who were truthful exhibited no significant change in blinking patterns. "People who are lying have to think harder, and when we think harder we tend to be a lot stiller, with fewer movements, because we are concentrating harder," said Dr. Samantha Mann, a Portsmouth University psychologist.

      Also, from an article in the UK Telegraph referencing the same Portsmouth study: Results show that when the questions were being asked and the answers given, the blink rate in the liars went down. In contrast the truthful group's rate went up, though this could have been down to test anxiety." Dr Leal said: "Liars must need to make up their stories and must monitor their fabrication so that they are plausible and adhere to everything the observer knows or might find out. In addition, liars must remember their earlier statements, so that they appear consistent when re-telling their story, and know what they told to whom. Liars will be more inclined than truth tellers to monitor and control their demeanour so they will appear honest.'

    • Please provide the contact information (phone number and name) so that I can confirm with him. Thansk.

    • ryaniantosca Nov 2, 2013 5:03 PM Flag

      Oh is that what your daddy told you oh well I really better make investment decisions cuz some stranger on the internet's daddy told him.

      Lol actually your father's an idiot, not blinking at all is confirmation of lying. It's the total opposite moron, as the liar is more focused on being convincing. It's unnatural not to blink it's a reflex that you have to consciously fight. Someone actually posted a study of this earlier on this very board. I'm assuming that's where you got your idea.

      Looking forward to a big green Monday next week short. Get ready.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • So now you idiots would make your investment decision on how many times someone blinks his eyes and disregard the numbers, pictures, reports, products?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Your dad an expert? What a dead beat skum father you have, sorry not much we can help you there with.

    • You play with that voodoo #$%$ you deserve to lose money.

    • Do they pay you to post negative statements about NQ or did you short it. lol

    • Block is an outlaw (or as good as one), he thinks the way he operates, he is above the law. Omar on the other hand is a legit business man. Omar got emotional. So???

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      • Actually showing emotions , contrary to popular belief, is a sign of integrity. I will do so if I am faced with the situation. Professional liar like CB will always appear calm , calculated, well-practiced.
        Also please remember, he has no self respect..because he has been wrong before on stocks as well but world shame doesn't exist in his dictionary. It is natural for people like Khan with self-respect to get stressed.
        There is a saying ( I think Chinese) " Don't involve yourself in fight with a pig. You get dirty and besides he enjoys it". we know between Khan and Cb who is enjoying it decide who is the pig then?

    • Folks, the Omar Khan is lying his whole life for watched him in Samsung..His eyes blinking speed is same. Folks, go wath other videos of Khan in the past (on Fox business, and other networks), tell me if you see any blinking difference..
      shorts day by day getting very desperate..what is next..smell of poop while speaking..should i send it to your father for analysis..get a life..and don't drag your father/mother into it. They didn't know you will become this way..

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      • ryaniantosca Nov 2, 2013 5:07 PM Flag

        I'm not going to watch videos of Kahn, I have no reason to suspect that he's lying about anything.

        Carson Block has no evidence, all the evidence is in support of NQ. The cash being there, the accountants PwC standing by them, the apps being on the store, the third parties verifying business relationships, not one shred of actual evidence against NQ. Only talk, and pathetic nit picking about body language lol.

        Stocks going right back where it came from, and you'll still desperately be making posts like this with zero substance.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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