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  • robhenderson222 robhenderson222 May 9, 2014 2:55 PM Flag


    once this is filed every single long should click through to the SEC and file a complaint. If the retail investment community wants to put this fraudster to an end the opportunity is coming.

    All these sleaze law firms that stuck their head up when Carson squawked should take a long look at themselves, then turn their guns on Carson himself

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    • OK so you file a complaint at the SEC site, the submission form doesn't work, they send you an auto reply and then yahoo starts deleting the reply you get... glad to see you are all working so well for the investor community. I think whats needed here is a website devoted to Carson Block and Muddy Waters which puts the scrutiny back on them

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      • So now i have emailed the Chairman and posted to some blogs where she appears active. I fully expect this will be the beginning of a cat and mouse game where the SEC will continue to try and hide and make it as difficult as possible to pursue the matter. Good luck with that long term because if thats the case they will be reading about it on the web. I suggest other outraged investors start taking action or just remain silent and continue to be f%%$# over by this fool and his cronies

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    • NQ's error was to give credit to a insignificant person like Carson Block that makes money by attacking company's credibility!
      Now NQ's job is to force him to prove all accusations he made against the company and if he can't it must be prosecuted for slander and denigration!

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      • Do you have the SLIGHTEST idea of what you are talking about? NQ has never given Block any "credit", but you see, the market HAS. Are you suggesting that NQ should have just ignored Block's charges and done nothing at all? Yes, I'm sure that would have worked out well (note extreme sarcasm).

        Now as far as Block's future, if the audit and the market disprove the charges, Block will be finished, with whatever remains of his reputation in tatters. At that point, NQ will not want to waste the time, effort, and money to pursue him. And just fyi, one cannot be "prosecuted" for "slander and denigration", as those do not carry criminal penalties. Just thought you might want to get a clue.

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