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  • mylkvveed mylkvveed Jun 5, 2014 10:12 PM Flag

    How much of a Fraud

    Cumberlandcoach wants to know how I so sure NQ is a fraud. I have a pristine record red thumbing ChiScams in my CAPS portfolio for exactly the same argument Muddy Waters uses to distinguish his different calls. I have no interest in anything but the complete frauds. The partial frauds usually get into subjective interpretations of reported numbers that aren't clear enough for me to bother following. I chose to follow NQ instead of other recent M.W. targets because it's crystal clear this is a near complete fraud.

    YDT their largest customer by far reports revenues for the entire business to it's own government a tiny fraction of what NQ claims they receive from YDT.

    Offices that don't exist. Muddy may not get every call right but they're not liars if they say they visited the offices and they didn't exist they visited the offices and they didn't exist. The difference between M.W. and Toro is almost certainly that Toro tipped management off they were coming for a visit to ensure they saw what they wanted to see.

    Major Vendor turns out to be a relative working a kiosk. See note above, if M.W. said this is the case it's the case.

    Market share claims that don't jibe with what major legit competitors report. All NQ has is a report from a University where they are a major donor. Every other report shows insignificant market share including a report out a few days ago.

    Knock off Segway. Need I say more?

    Outed on China TV as spyware

    Booted from the Apple Store

    That's just what I remember. It's not close that's why I latched on to this one. I don't have to worry about researching different revenue recognition policies to see if NQ is using the wrong policy to over state their revenues. I just have to be slightly less than brain dead while reading Muddy Waters complete smack down of NQ. It ain't close, NQ is a near complete fraud. BTW for you cash is in the bank fans, this one is more complicated but you can fake cash with a repo loan to generate a bank statement.

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    • I had to read this twice to believe that undeclared shortie sourmylk really said what he did: his entire "conviction" that NQ is a "complete fraud" boils down to two, and only two, things: first, he is the World Champion Stock Picker Who Is Never Wrong, and second, "If MW says it is so, then it is." Truly astonishing, isn't it? does not matter how many times Block has been 100% WRONG in the past (EDU, anyone?) or how much of the infamous October report has been proven to be false, little sourmylk continues to have his innocent, child-like faith that if Carson block says it, well, it MUST be true: "if MW said this is the case, this is the case"

      Doesn't matter what D&T found in their investigation that included extensive site visits, personnel interviews, analysis of millions of pages of records, verifications of all cash balances, etc., etc; see, if you're a True Believer in the Gospel of Messiah Block, just like sourmylk and applehole, all that can be ignored JUST BECAUSE CARSON SAYS SO! Well, just goes to show that if you believe strongly enough, any fact can be ignored, just like fundamentalist Christians actually believe that the earth is only 6000 years old, all scientific evidence notwithstanding. So now we have Block fundamentalists, whose convictions are entitled to exactly as much serious consideration.

      Thanks for admitting this, sourmylk: you have shown that in your world, faith trumps facts. Can't wait to see what you have to say when the 20-F is filed and you are humiliated irretrievably.

    • Write another SA piece weed. I would like to gain another $3 after it posts like your last one.


    • are you a schizophrenic?

      Because I cannot understand one word form you word salad.......

      This raises a good question... is Carlson Block a schizophrenic as well??

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Nothing further from True Believer sourmylk? What a surprise . . .

    • Broken record. You will be saying the same when NQ hits $15. No doubt. Don't die a hater and a poor fool.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Rotflmao at u! What rock did you just crawl under from? Your problem is you hate the truth. Keep posting I enjoy begin entertain by a fool!

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