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  • truthandjust truthandjust Aug 1, 2014 2:19 PM Flag

    Overnight ambush is around the corner

    The new auditors are already well into the audit. They have a lot of personnel dedicated to this audit and are working tirelessly to get it done as soon as possible. The audit will be complete by the end of August and the 20F should be filed in September. August is a remote possibility. Let's just say this my own opinion. In the meantime, NQ is seriously considering starting full blown negotiations with Bison and at least one other interested party to sell the company . You will learn of this when (and if) NQ announces that it has retained an investment banker to assist it. While the audit continues, an announcement of a deal could be announced at any given moment. My bet is that if NQ wants a deal, it will be at a much higher price than 9.80 and the buyer will not be Bison, although Bison is itself willing to go higher. This is all just my opinion and thank me when it turns out to be on the money. Either way an overnight ambush is near, whether a deal or the 20F. I encourage the shorts to keep shorting. This will be a lot more fun when the time comes. It's coming and it's just around the corner. Hang in there.

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    • How's that overnight ambush coming along liesandcrime?

    • Is the overnight ambush here yet? I'm getting tired of waiting.

    • Don't be such a ricechinq

    • Lets just try to put some logic to this discussion.
      Normally, Nq would release their Q4 results End of Jan, then WC would release the F20 around Apr 19th, that is almost 10 weeks after the Q4 financial being released.
      Since DT was in progress PWC did nothing because they waited for the DT outcome, once the DT was out they asked for extended audit.
      NQ declined and told them to wait. so PWC did jack, finally being fired.
      Hence no work was done towards preparing 2013 F-20.

      This all implies that MBP has nothing to go on other than:
      Nq knowing that they would have to balance the financials, hence their internal finance team went to work to see if all the financials can be tracked. I.e they must have identified all the miss data.
      at this point MBP can do one of the two things, go over everything them selves of take NQ;s word to check out the missing info first knowing that NQ can produce and verify the rest.
      This is the only way seems possible to me that will save time and speed up the F20.
      Assuming PWc took 10week, MBP start last week, has total of 13 weeks to finish this work for F20 to be filed by Nov. If we miss this date then God only knows what will happen to our investment..

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      • Oh no, NQ lied to biotech & told him on apr 30th that the 20f was "days away".. Beware! You can hold this dog as long as you want, but please don't believe liars anymore after you know that they have lied! whatever NQ tells biotech is a known lie.

      • Between the DT investigation and the extensive prep and actual work done by PWC and the audit committee in connection with the 20F, NQ, and now MBP has at its fingertips every single document that MBP will require for its audit. Just so that you fully get it.... PWC was virtually finished with its audit until the DT results were shared with them. I will remind you that, initially, the DT results were supposed to be first discussed in the 20F to begin with. Check the earlier releases to verify. It wasn't until PWC started feeling the pressure that they started causing problems, becoming unreasonable and looking for an out. NQ then decided to release the DT results independently and not as part of the already almost finished 20F. Also, keep in mind, that once the audit is finished, it takes some time to finalize the 20F which is a document that has a lot of other info aside from the audit opinion. This will be over sooner than you think.

      • "NQ declined and told them to wait. so PWC did jack, finally being fired."

        No see biowatcher's posts, PWC was doing work already.

    • Thanks Truth for your postings...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I doubt there will be any ambush. This management is not capable of that. They will certainly pre-announce it
      when they are sure about its coming.
      At this moment, it is more likely they will go private before we see the much desired 20F. A better scenario would be some China-based tech company take it out. Who knows given the culture that everyone of them prefer to perish alone under attack instead of cooperate at times of need.

    • What are they going to do when they reach that unexplained missing data that D&T found? They better let it slide or NQ will fire them. LOL

    • yup. shorts are already nervous heading into this weekend. Deal hanging in the breeze... and if there is an uptick to the bid... if they offer more... it will legitimize the deal and the stock will rocket Monday... and stay there.

    • T&D, seriously, u think MBP is that good, u know i am long and hold a large position. SO i am not just writing for the sake of writing. Yes some of my posts are done out of frustration with NQ management and some of the white lies which i also believe are being done because they don't know any better and are under tremendous pressure to save the company because they believe in it and its valuation. and so do the remaining longs. Ay how getting back to Audit, MBP will not be able to validate all of the 2013 in just 6 weeks, especially the missing data, they will have to identify each item (hopefully) that has already been done by DT and PWC, if they are allowed to use that info. they will hv to visit each of the 3rd party and the NQ management, obtain their sworn statements etc etc. U know what i mean. So 6 weeks is not enough in fact 12 weeks may not be enough, it depends on the number of missing data item. I seriously fear that it could take over a year. I am hoping against hope that is not the case but reality says that 12 months is what they need, DT took over 8 months and they did not do the audit , if you remember they only looked at one million and above value transactions..We are in a deep hurt and so is NQ. and it may go on for a while. I hope and pray that NQ can give us some insight into the F-20 timing / surety soon.

    • When you said overnight ambush, you do not mean tonight right?

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