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  • truthandjust truthandjust Aug 10, 2014 11:59 PM Flag

    So Many Great Things Going On

    1) the big boys are starting to accumulate large amounts of shares ( more 13gs to come);
    2) new auditor is moving very quickly and will issue the 20F in the next several weeks (not months);
    3) Marcum will see exactly what DT and PWC saw. The numbers check out and will issue an unqualified opinion;
    4) NQ already has a buyout offer and others are expressing interest
    5) short interest is still through the roof and the float is tightening like a noose;
    6) we are half way through the third quarter and revenues and earnings are performing gangbusters. Margins are getting much higher and there is no longer the added expense of the DT investigation. This audit cost NQ $8-9 million in Q1(15-16 cents per share) and $5-6 million in Q2(9-10 cents a share);
    7) we had a bunch of new deals and partnerships announced;
    8) there is nothing new on the negative side to talk about. The shorts are offering no new ideas. They keep regurgitating the same old lies and nonsense;
    9) NQ is planning an ambush of mega proportions that will put a hurting on shorts that will be talked about for decades;
    10) the stock is still sooooo cheap and can be bought at the sale of the century.

    It doesn't get any better than this.

    Watch the shorts get more and more desperate and much louder as the coming days begin to make them uneasy. The name calling will increase and everyone in the world will be labeled liars and not credible. They will do and say anything and everything in an attempt to get you to sell your shares to them. The fun is about to begin. The tide is turning and get ready for blastoff.

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    • The 20-F is going to come out all of a sudden, like a lightening bolt out of a clear blue sky. It will shock the shorts something serious. In all likelihood, it will be unqualified (which means really good for longs). That is why I can't understand the risks that the shorts are willing to take with this stock. Many shorts are underwater since they stupidly shorted when the stock was below $5 a share. Some shorts are adding to their short position even now. This is all phenomenally stupid since NQ could very realistically spike to $20+ on the 20-F alone. The latest short interest is way too high (something like 11 million plus shares shorted). This means the short trade is WAY TOO CROWDED and not the right play if you want to make money. Long is the way to go now. I'm looking forward to seeing NQ hit $30+ a share.

    • Who else is expressing interest? This is news to me and others - thanks in advance.

      4) NQ already has a buyout offer and others are expressing interest

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