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  • joopthedutchman joopthedutchman Mar 16, 2006 11:08 PM Flag

    short % of float

    Shares Short (as of 10-Feb-06)3: 19.38M
    Short Ratio (as of 10-Feb-06)3: 9.5
    Short % of Float (as of 10-Feb-06)3: 17.20%
    Shares Short (prior month)3: 18.56M

    Don't these percentages tell the story of the classic sqeeze that's going to happen?

    While the share price skids lower, for those with longer term confidence in the company's business there's no better time to buy than these days.

    Look how the directors have been buying.

    No wonder the shorts on this board are pulling out all stops. While their profits keep mounting, they get overconfident.

    Maybe they think that calling people morons works. The smart shorts may soon decide that their risk is many times greater than what risk is left for the longs.