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  • bearofbleecker bearofbleecker Jan 31, 2010 5:36 PM Flag

    What's that accelerator pedal made out of?

    In the course of following this issue, I saw a picture of the Toyota/CTS brake assembly. To my surprise, there was a sort of honeycomb ribbing pattern on the arm which connected the gas pedal to the rest of the mechanism. This would seem to indicate that this is a cast or molded piece, which would probably mean that it's either an aluminum alloy or some kind of plastic. Since aluminum alloy is more expensive than steel, I think it might be plastic. And then, since plastic is pretty soft stuff, I would assume that there is some kind of bushing inserted at the pivot point. (People who didn't flunk out of engineering school, feel free to set me straight.) A plastic member with a steel bushing insert would also seem more likely to have corrosion/wear problems than an alloy member. Having seen The Graduate, I know that plastics are the future, but I still find a plastic brake pedal ...well, not reassuring. If this is the case. Anyone?

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    • it's been a while since i have been down around the pedals. i do remmber the clutch being plastic on my tacoma so i would not be suprised if all of them are plastic.

      plastic can be sturdy, but i would prefer steel. but at 48,000 miles, no issues. for what it's worth, i also visit a number of toyota tacoma websites and i've never seen a complaint of a pedal breaking off.

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      • Yep, just saw the drawings in the NYT -it's plastic. And the friction mechanism seems to be a metal piece with teeth which press against grooves in the hub of the plastic piece as it rotates. Toyota says "excessive pressure" was created at certain points, causing the pedal to hang up. So they put a washer behind the tensioning spring which causes the metal piece to press more lightly against the plastic piece. I'll bet that rather than "excessive pressure", the metal piece was eroding the plastic piece. And I'll bet that when they stick that washer in there, a lot of accelerator pedals will respond rather more quickly to foot pressure. Consumer Reports or some of the auto mags are going to look at this solution, I'll bet, and find it pretty shoddy. Eventually, they will have to replace all the pedal assemblies. Which, according to a lot of the media, may not be the real problem after all.

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