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  • longstick14 longstick14 Oct 22, 2002 9:32 AM Flag

    SHS vs ETN and PH

    SHS stock looks to be taking a beating compared to ETN and PH. Can anyone shed any light on this?

    A concerned investor

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    • No, I'm not from Lawrence. Don't understand why they even built that, the other plants were handling orders nicely. You would think SD was spending money like it was going out of style to build a brand new plant with all the costs of upkeep, utilities, taxes, salaries, etc. I kind of thought it was an engineering issue. At one of the update meetings, I thought this was a holdover from when we were just Sauer and before the merger. But I thought all that had been settled, and they had to pay something. Unless this is a new one, I hope not. I don't read the reports, but maybe I'll have to.

    • I can tell you it was not a part issue but more an engineering design problem. If you work within the organization I would think it would be too hard to find out the details hell it made the 3rd qtr. financial report.

      What factory do you work in? Is it the new Lawerence plant? How are things going here? Utilization rate, etc.


    • Well I work at one of the plants and anything about problems worries me. I think the quality of all the factories is pretty good now, sometimes engineering changes can cause problems. I just hope it's nothing us peons have done in making the parts.

    • hi longstick

      well, my guess is that this is due to its being a closely held stock. In reality, KM owns 1/3, Danfoss owns 1/3 (and they ain't selling - no way) and rest is owned by various corporate honchos, past and present. The amount of the total stock actually in play is probably around 15-20%. So you will almost never get a lot of trades. Institutional investors have generally shunned SHS due to its closely held nature (meaning it doesn't have to feel accountable to the investors)

      This stock generally only moves on rumours of it being acquired by either ETN or PH or ......pick a name.

      Apparently noone is firing up a rumour of it being acquired -soooooooo the stock stays flat.

      Buy Parker - in the long run PH will come out on top.