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  • rickotto1 rickotto1 Oct 23, 1998 1:40 PM Flag

    AFCI credibility

    just wait and watch...that is if you already own
    afci..all those nut jobs who said theyre shorting at 9 1/2
    today are getting nervvous already.hence the many posts
    to prove it..they are going to cover this pup at 10
    and change late this afternoon, sending this one
    towards 10 1/2 to 11 by close..would you want to be short
    this stock if the dow pops back today, on this volume,
    going into merger mania monday, and more possible
    penguin type upgrades,and possible new ceo announcement,
    new contract announcements , not to mention the other
    upgrade we got yesterday, and all the huge block buying i
    am seeing this last few days, which still is going
    on today.goldman buying tons as well as volpe
    brown.stock got legs here people..believe in it !! its going
    up., rick