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  • rickotto1 rickotto1 Oct 23, 1998 4:29 PM Flag

    Bell Contract Seen! DJ NEWS!

    i have no access to dow jones...i would like
    someone to definitely confirm or deny looked
    real, but i for one know never to buy a stock unless i
    know and trust the person posting the article..or i
    can find it myself listed under does sound
    pretty amazing..think of it, they make about 300 million
    in revenues per year, if that article was correct,
    it would mean this one customer would double their
    revenue stream every year..hmmmm...that would explain the
    rise from 4-9 recently and the rise to near 10 today,
    but like i said it sounds too good to be
    true..although i would like to think it was..the guy also
    spelled stock wrong, spelled it as stocl..oh well..i was
    holding into the close today no matter what i read ..have
    a good weekend all,rick

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