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  • bull_rider_longs bull_rider_longs Jan 7, 2000 11:59 PM Flag

    BIDD and AFCI

    Ive been 4K long AFCI since $7 in April. I have
    followed the board faithfully and begun to pick up on the
    few who are worth calling peers. I am recently long
    16,000 of BIDD on the recomendation from prins as well
    as others I respect. Don't mean to use this board to
    talk BIDD but it's about the only place to find
    followers. For INK, Intuish, and Hank, I appreciate your
    positive as well a level headed posts. Keep the ideas

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    • I just get tired of Models always perfect perfect.

    • Why are you so obsessed with Model. Stop looking at her/his picture and get a real friend.

    • Model you must like the bouncy bouncy - I just
      hope your taste in stocks doesn't reflect your taste
      in men. ;) Have you seen RMBS's 1/2/ or 5 -year
      chart? Makes Amazon's surges and dips look like a walk
      in the park by comparison.

      If you want a
      stock which suffers from anxiety performance, Model,
      that's your choice (yeah, we all know it happens more
      than most of us would like to admit). Myself I prefer
      to be the kind of guy who can always guarantee a
      woman satisfaction. I'd say the better Viagra bet is
      Exodus Communications (EXDS) - their earnings
      announcement is on the same day as AFCI's (Jan 24th) - and
      their stock price tends to just move in one direction:

      Moves smoother than a lava lamp,


    • chill. go take a very cold shower. You never answered my question which is: why is your past picture of yourself always DIFFERENT?

    • buy RMBS before the earnings come out (in the
      next week) (13th -18th) 18th I think.. IMO This is a
      $250 stock. Growth rate for next year is 450%, manuf.
      of RDRAM are doubling producion.

      Warning it
      is a real Ruffff ride..But that is the way I like to
      ride my stocks (and men)

      Thank me


    • s'up? Long time no hear...congrats on the AKAM acumen, I missed that ride.

      Good to hear from you...get back in the saddle, we need your insights back here.

    • Greetings to all the AFCI long timers. Haven`t
      been around here in a while (remember, I dropped out
      to buy the AKAM IPO and I never got back into AFCI
      before it went from 20 to 40s). Looking to get back in
      once I free up some cash from EDIG.

      Don`t let
      any of the bashers get to you newbies, as far as I
      can see this co.`s prospects look rock solid for the
      next year. Basically they`ve just gotten back to where
      they were about 1 1/2 years ago when the stock tanked,
      but the potential is there to go much higher. I think
      sales from Pronto will start to really kick in starting
      this quarter and then you will really start seeing a
      move in earnings. They are making all the right moves
      in the fiber optic area and that sector is hot (DSL
      is hot too, of course, and will only get hotter when
      it becomes affordable to the average joe, honestly,
      how many of your friends have DSL connections right
      now?). I think the chances of a take out are higher than
      ever, especially from LU who just warned because they
      are not able to keep up with demand for their fiber
      optics products. They know where future growth is going
      to come from and I think they could see AFCI as a
      fast way into certain markets (and with the cash/CSCO
      stock AFCI has, a takeover is just that much cheaper
      for the acquirer). At worst, AFCI will nail out some
      kind of reseller arrangement soon with either LU or NT
      or Siemens. And this is coming from a guy who is
      looking for an entry point. Anyway, my short term
      prediction is we get the usual post earnings dump for a week
      or two (at which time I`ll look to get in) and then
      zoom, the march up continues. Then again, I`m the one
      who missed the recent doubling in the stock so take
      everything I say with a grain of salt.

    • <EOM>

    • hey i'm kinda new to this whats EOM stand for?

    • I own it also and am looking forward to tomorrow.

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