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  • classical_gas_investor classical_gas_investor Mar 17, 2011 8:42 PM Flag

    GREAT EARNINGS...............

    Wow, great earnings report & conference call. Very curious that the pre-conference/pre-opening price spiked to around $11.70 on only 7000 in volume and closed at $11.13 on 80,000 total volume for the day. Could this be setting up a new base here for a run-up into the low teens ($13.00) or so in the next few months? I've got a feeling that we could get an upgrade tomorrow (Friday, March 18th) or maybe in the next week.

    Great integration (October 8, 2010) of Bio-Reaction Industries (BRI) into the Met-Pro mix, this will open up more opportunities with the municipalities, it will be interesting to see the positive effects this will have on future earnings. Glad to hear that the sales force has increased, it would be nice to get some calibration on total numbers of reps and the recent total hires. Also, how many customers are in each state, are the western states an area that's underdeveloped or logistically capable of containing a possible western unit? Any thoughts or info.

    This stat is from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics/Best careers for 2011.......................

    Architecture and Engineering Occupations.
    "These are projected to add roughly 270,600 jobs, representing a growth rate of 10 percent. Much of this growth will occur among engineering occupations, especially civil engineers. As greater emphasis is placed on improving the Nation’s infrastructure, these specialists will be needed to design, implement, or upgrade municipal transportation, water supply, and pollution control systems."

    The product recovery, pollution control and fluid handling industry is entering a period of growth. The world is now accepting/changing toward becoming more environmentally friendly, this green policy as well as countries with outdated infrastructures (upgrades and maintenance) will be a catalyst for an economic boon to this sector. We also will now see a greater push for the acceptance, integration and production of natural gas for fueling cars and producing a higher percentage of our electrical needs, also, liquefied natural gas will be in great demand by other countries.......and of course this all will need to be safely filtered & controlled. Any thoughts.

    Always a great feeling to have well run companies like Met-pro in one's retirement portfolio, good investing to all.

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    • The great earnings reference was regarding two quarters ago (please see msg board date, March 17,2011) but actually, yes, great earnings for both of the last two quarters. What are you waiting for a run up to the mid 20's, not going to happen this time. One can certainly prosper by knowing the history & trading patterns of the companies they hold. I've traded MPR for many years now and have long positions in two retirement accounts as well.

      Certainly sounds like acquisitions are in the works to tap the different segments of the industry in Latin America & Asia, please listen to the earnings report. The Bio-Reaction brand is gaining attention, I really believe this is a super sector to be in and always like to have a nice chunk of my portfolio in Met-Pro. Will buy some more tomorrow if it stays below $10.50.

      Best of luck, trading or investing.

    • You're not serious, are you?