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  • classical_gas_investor classical_gas_investor Jun 15, 2011 11:53 AM Flag


    Some nice international orders starting to roll in, maybe time for an upgrade. I added some shares last week to several accounts.

    I'm curious about the customer base in the Western States and what percentage of the total business this typically makes up. I don't believe I've ever noticed any mention of product incorporation into this area. Anyone have info on universities, utilities or businesses that may have the Met-Pro brand, especially municipalities that have incorporated Bio-Pro. Difficult to get any information on this board, tia.

    Good investing to all.

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    • The major improvement in the global economy should continue to help get MP products "Out there." I'm still really curious about the Latin America arena and what 2012 will hold for M&A activity. Water & natural gas are going to be the precious hidden gems for many countries, I still think we could see something in the water desalination area as far as acquisitions.

      I would like to see more press releases and would enjoy seeing an established product distribution map, I'm interested in the Northwest & Canadian regions.

      Also curious about underground coal gasification (UCG), evidently there's some exploration in this area occurring in Australia, would Met-Pro products be compatible with this type of drilling?

      Good investing.

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      • I agree, the international side could be a big area for growth and it would be good to get some more information on the strategic direction and intentions. Or just visibility into what is happening.

        Either way, the results were pretty decent. Actually, the EPS came in around where I had modeled, which for me would typically put it into a valuation range of 9.5-11. However, one really strong point is the backlog...I think they ended at 28M, which going back to Q1 of 2010 I cant see anything at that level (I think the highest was 21M).

        Not sure if the backlog includes more longer-term projects that typical, but typically in the last 2 years they have had of 70-90% of the next Q revenue, so guess we will have to see how this plays out.

    • A Brean Murray upgrade today, yes, about time with all these huge orders coming in since June. Should be interesting to see if the mid $12 range is tested leading up to the earnings on September 1st. If the market stabilizes a bit from the drama of debt circus and we hear an update on possible M&A activity (Latin America or ?) we should see some positive stock movement. Good investing.

    • I've watch this company for years and earnings have never really taken off. They have always had tons of orders but not much too show for it. And the only thing I get is that it must be low margin stuff they are selling instead of selling high margin products. Now why cant these guys earn .80 to 1.00 in earnings. i dont think I'll ever see that in my life time and a company selling at 20 times earnings looks a little over valued in this new socialist world we live in.

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      • Lots of volume (380k) on Wednesday, It appears this is ready to challenge the $12 mark. Met-Pro has made the news twice this week, one of the highest percentage gainers one day and one of the highest volume gainers the next.

        Over the years this company has consistently grown earnings, the projections for this year are almost 12% and a whopping 17% for 2012. One doesn't need to have successful trades by hoping their holdings have huge earnings, it's best to understand or become familiar with the patterns of one's holdings and trade accordingly. I have this gem in several retirement funds but also have it in a trading fund. The price has bumped up almost $2.00 in the last several weeks, perhaps a savvy trader would capitalize on that huge advance.

        With the large activity of June orders I believe an upgrade is warranted. Also the conference call mentioned more acquisitions could possibly be in the works, I hope they get established in the South America arena.

        This pollution recovery sector is going to continued to grow, I've always considered MP an important part of my portfolio. Good investing or trading to all.

    • The Strobic Air business unit has a nice market share in the university lab market - very niche low volume market, Duall has a product line sold to municipalities for odor control and treatment of ground water and Pristine Div. sells a water treatment chemical to municipalities. I don't know breakdown between east and west but I have no reason to believe it isn't fairly balanced - they have national distribution and products aren't sensitive to regional manufacturing or supply chain influences.