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  • mullagtawny mullagtawny May 1, 2012 3:21 PM Flag

    Anybody still here? :-)

    No posts on this board for quite awhile....

    I am just venturing into this stock and would love to hear any opinions. The yield is certainly interesting though it looks like it went ex-div a couple of weeks back.

    Any thoughts on why Citi upgraded to Neutral from Sell?

    Thanks in advance.

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    • Tremendous volume in the first few hours of trading to-day (5/16); more than 700,000 shares, about 7 times the normal. Result is a peak of close to the 8 Euros Carlos Slim is planning to offer for 28% of PKN.

    • I just went back to the Morningstar site and it changed today..Profitability is still rated A, but growth moved up to C..They now give KPN 4 stars..

    • Sorry, made a mistake in Morgan Stanley's name, it is JP Morgan Chase who is involved. Don't know anymore who is what after all the consolidations.

    • Anybody interested in KPN news should read the Reuters report that Morgan Stanley took a big position in KPN"S stock a few days before Carlos Slim made known his intentions to buy up to 28% of KPN. What is going on? On top of this, Morgan Stanley in Europe has been retained by KPN to study and advise KPN on MOVIL's intentions!!! This could be interesting if everyone wants a piece of KPN. Presumably this will elevate KPN"S share price. Keep the faith!

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      • Carlos Slim's offer and KPN's inference that it was not nearly enough, sparked a lot of interest..
        Morningstar has this stock rated 5 stars..with an A for profitability, but a D for growth..The profitability factor makes it possible for the company to pay a high dividend and purchase bargains, in Europe.imo

    • Hi KPN investors,
      I have been a KPN fan from way back in 2003 when it was 3 or 4 euros, sold all when we US citizens were forced to liquidate all stocks some years ago, but recently invested in the ADR"s (KKPNY) as I was searching for dividend income. KPN is a solid company, one of the more well known stocks in Holland, just like Shell, Unilever, Phillips, ING. If you want to read up on the company go to and click on English version and you get all the financials from 2008 back as a download.
      I can only say that their profits and dividend payouts have steadily increased, but their share price have been lagging, although they were as high as 17, I believe some years ago. Many of the crucial financial numbers cannot be matched by any of their neigbor competitors like the Deutsche Telekom. This , in my opinion is why Carlos Slim is trying to get a foothold in KPN to see how they are doing it, also because KPN has a strong relationship with Phillips re: technological issues and innovations. He wants to get hold of all this to see how he can implement this in his MOVIL business. None of the other telekoms in Europe, evidently, had Mr Slims approval, although he considered ATF and ETF, the French and Spanish telekoms. I know the Dutch are industrious, solid and inventive. An example of this is the bank ABN-Amro, who some years ago was swamped by Royal Bank of Scotlane, Bank Santander and a Belgian bank. They had to cave in and be incorporated in this trio, all offices renamed, but somehow it caused indigestion in the Belgian bank who got the Dutch branches and when I checked a few years later, ABN-AMRO was back in business, had their own name back and the Belgian bank was dissolved. What really happened I don'know, but I bet that ABN-AMRO deployed some poison pills.
      Anyway, I try to dig up some interesting facts about KPN and share with this board. In the meantime, check seeking Alpha which has an extensive article about KPN and the website. Hope this is of some interest to you!
      PS- Yahoo financials have not been updated since 2008, shame on you, Yahoo, maybe that's why nobody writes on this board anymore!

    • hi, i also own some shares, see it downtrending. stats show no dividends, but we know it does pay. would be interested in your findings.

    • Don't know but Frank Byrt of just listed it as no 9 of 10 to buy in May based on its yield. I'm looking at his picks because I am a major proponent of "Sell in May and go away" but only in an IRA environment because of transaction costs (mostly tax since commissions are so low). His picks are based on yield. See

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