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  • thespyisfalling thespyisfalling Aug 12, 2010 7:49 AM Flag

    Mr Malone

    Longs were loaded to the gills with contracts when we hit the highs in April.

    They sold off about 2/3 of their positions until the July low. Stopped selling because if they continued prices would have fallen under the 1000 level on the mini's.

    Since the low they bought back less than half of what they sold to try to move prices back to the 1126 level.

    Most of the buying was done in July. They still have a core position and for the most part, they are trying to trade their way out by whip sawing it all over the place.

    Just like you say, zig zag.

    Almost all of the positions that were taken in August are now liquidated.

    No way out with out price destruction. That's the bottom line. Seems that the orders are floor on DOW is 9500 or so and floor on SNP is 1000.

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