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  • godiggity123 godiggity123 May 1, 2011 11:57 PM Flag

    Why would stocks go up on this?

    I dont get it....what specific stocks are impacted by this news?

    - Defense stocks? (clearly less contracts, not more)
    - Oil stocks? (price of oil will decline on this, so less profits for the oil players)
    - Consumer Discretionary? (are we spending more $$ as a result of this?)
    - Industrials? (why would they be impacted?)

    I'm having a hard time seeing why most stocks are impacted by this news. Enlighten me

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    • It's Da DOLLAR stupid.

      C Yaz - Da Bear Cares [CGDGE] ( If y'all don't get it now, yer too stupid to educate. )

    • The stock market is traded by humans thats why. Stocks go up way too high on emotion and when they sell off they go way too low. There's no reason for stocks to go up on this. People just feel good and it's good news. This doesn't make the world safer, someone else will replace him and there could still be realiation by those who support him. For today it's a trade. I would sell on the news.

    • I think it's nothing more than futures traders reacting to how they believed other futures traders would react...

      Exactly INVERSE to how the market reacts to BAD news...

      There certainly wasn't a reason for futures to SELL off, so that leaves a move up...

      Tomorrow will still be up, no doubt, due to the calender, but the high will be a place to enter a short position for a day, maybe two...


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