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  • le_canard_en_caoutchouc le_canard_en_caoutchouc Oct 14, 2011 1:43 PM Flag

    Morning Gap-Ups Are Killing The Shorts

    ==>short being defined as contract settled on ask
    long being defined as settled on bid

    By "settled" you mean "traded"?

    If that's it, then it as OBV (or I guess it's more accurately money flow, which is a better measure than OBV), and of course there is no net short or net long position in the futures. (Again, I am not attacking, I am just making sure I am not completely effed up in my understanding of what a futures contract is --- after all, I trade them, and if turns out I don't understand them, I might be OFFICIALLY forced to disgorge my profits.)

    Anyway, I think there is useful info there, but I don't think it's as predictive as the name "net short position" implies.


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    • long live the the longsssss, oh my...also duck dont understand futures...there absolutely is a net long/short in futures depending on is it is a spec, non-spec, (producer/merchant). swap dealer, managed money and all other reportables. Settlement price is not last price is the daily price at which a clearing member clears all trades and settle all accounts for each contract month. The settlement price is used to determine margin calls and delivery prices...the exchange uses it as a way to even up positions which may not be able to be liquidated in regular you dont understand are lucky, you have no money to turn over, lol

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