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  • ajmckay1000 ajmckay1000 Nov 2, 2011 9:33 PM Flag

    I'm so worried I'm making myself sick, really.

    Look, all this stuff is bad. Bad, bad. What the f/ck are we going to do? Nothing, that's what. It's TOO LATE.
    -We owe $15 trillion.
    -The present value of our unfunded liabilities for Soc Security, Medicare, and Medicaid total $60 trillion (and we have $0 today).
    -We are running trillion-dollar deficits every year for the next 10 years.
    -Europe is broke.
    -Financial institions and businesses are failing again.
    -College graduates owe 1 trillion in student loans and they can't pay it back because they can't get jobs.
    -We've lost our manufacturing base...everything is manufactured in China.
    -The states are broke, and getting worse.
    -The Post Office is broke.
    -Millions of baby boomers are beginning to retire and they will have their hand out.
    -14% of the population gleefully collect food stamps and they don't see a problem at all with the ecomony (no surprise)
    -Consumers are saddled with more mortgage debt and credit card debt than ever.

    It's just over for us, but no one wants to accept the reality of it. Socialism and spiraling debt are eating away at us like a cancer within, and NOBODY IS STOPPING IT.

    Futures are blood red again. Really, I'm not kidding. We're f/cked. Tell me I'm wrong.

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