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  • ryanjhodges ryanjhodges Nov 9, 2011 6:48 AM Flag

    what a complete joke...

    hah we ALL knew this was going to happen, yet what was that GARBAGE yesterday? impossibly relentless strength $2.25 straight up on SPY from LOD at lunch on some nonsense out of Italy. yeah, like putting a new PM in is going to make ANY difference whatsoever in collaring their debt. ah mission accomplished though, they got me to sell out of my SPXU .10 cents from the bottom for a huge loss at 345PM yesterday.

    this morning's action is exactly why it's insane to buy anything in this market. because everything is artificially pumped and propped... until it's not. you can't even really buy this open down 2% because it SHOULD go down 10% before reversing. but then again you can't short the open down 2% because it almost seems like going green by 2PM is better than a coin flip.

    the market is an absolute mess. if Bernanke stayed out of things, let the market correct this summer like it wanted to to SPX 900 then none of this garbage in Europe would impact our markets as much. but now, with everything 30% higher than where it would be without fed intervention, there's no where to go but down.

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