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  • jbbear1929 jbbear1929 Mar 1, 2012 6:17 PM Flag

    Cramers a Lying Blow Hard Piece of S/h/i/t

    Scumhole is dismissing that theres any headwinds that can at the least cause a correction. His job is to drag in bag holders. Making people feel as if they need to ignor anything bad going on. Profits are declining scumhole. You need to find your bag holders fast for your wall street scum pals don't you? Because you know it's all going to end badly again with rising oil. CNBC TV throwing out numbers like 1700 on the S&P just to keep the market from correcting and drag in more bag holders before the headwinds hit this market hard. They are having troulbe finding bag holders and the market is weakening. Desperation for bag holders. Thats whats going on here. The market is a bubble because if not for all the debt spending and stimulus the earnings would be in the ditch and GDP growth would be below 0. If not for all the manipulation by the government the market at these levels would have a p/e of over 50. The true market without all the kick the can down the road is valued at dow 3000 and S&P 300. Thats where its headed when the government, Fed, and consumer debt bubbles explode.

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